Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Kid Has Purple Limbs

Recent, ridiculous, events in my life prompted me to start a blog. I didn't *get* blogs, but then I started reading a friend's blog. I liked it. I liked her pictures and her stories. I have pictures AND stories. My stories are more crazy than the pictures so they need a venue. My pictures can add faces to the characters.

For now I will start with "My kid has purple limbs":

Most parents of small children can rattle off a laundry list of childhood illnesses, incubation periods and severity. I recently said, "I love Fifth Disease. Its definitely the best virus out there." Really, it is. Your kid gets a fever for part of a day. A couple days later they look like someone was repeatedly slapping them on the face. Then a few days after that, a weird lacy rash pops up on the arms and legs. That's pretty much it. In the world of childhood illness, that's a great virus.

Then MY kids get it. Nothing can ever be easy with my boys. It started out great. Short fever then they have the rash. It lingers but its not a big deal. Well, its been a month, they both still have the rash that is exacerbated by sun and heat. Its summer, so they flare up daily. Then I get it. I'm a wimp, or so it seems, b/c my joints ache. I itch. I have unsightly rashes and shaving feels like taking a loofa to a sunburn. My kids have had it for a month and counting so I'm in it for a loooooong time. Whatever. Still not really a big deal. (I say this now but if I still have this rash in Mexico heads will roll.)

Yesterday I get Colin, my 1 yr old, up from his nap. He is uber crabby but pacified after gorging on melon. I take him to the sink to wash his hands and I notice it. Hmm. His arms are purple. Wait. His LEGS are purple too. I mommy archive of illnesses flutters and all I can think of is a. He's cold (wrong) b. his circulation is cut off (wrong). WTF? WHY would my kid's limbs be purple?

I call my ped's office b/c its 4:30 pm. Naturally. Things like this never happen at 8:00 am. Ever. After some back and forth with the nurse she says, "The Dr wants you to take him to the ER." Being the ever diligent mother that I am I ask, "Can he wait an hour and THEN go? Just to make sure?" No. At least the ped can call ahead and let them know I'm coming. That's my ray of sunshine to a dismal evening at the ER.

I'm off to the ER with my happy, yet purple baby. We get there and he's more red than purple but we go in to see the Dr anyway. After some chatting she thinks its some weird variant of Fifth Disease. Remember the virus I said I liked? The very mild illness every kid and their mother, as it were, gets at some time or another. But to be on the safe side she wanted to take chest xrays of Colin since he's a preemie. Never know when previously undiagnosed heart conditions can make your limbs purple for a couple hours. Meanwhile, Colin is running laps up and down the ER hallway wearing nothing but a diaper and some drool, clutching a pocket pack of tissues and yelling at nurses. FOR TWO HOURS. He's briefly interrupted by the new kid torture that is the chest xray. Then he was off to running naked down the halls. I'm pretty sure all the other mothers with their very ill children were more than a little confused by this rash covert maniac busting into their rooms.

His chest xray looked fine as you can imagine and I chatted with the lovely ER dr about our shared pediatrician and daycare providers and we were sent home with, "Yep. He's fine, just giving his mama some gray hairs." Such is my life. Purple limbs and gray hairs.

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