Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tailnoes and kids at school

Every kid has their own way of saying hard words. Sometimes even the everyday things get morphed into something else. Raph is no exception. He started out with the ubiquitous 'Bah'. Everything from bananas to babies were 'bah'. Gradually his vocabulary increased and things got shortened. Raisins were rainy. Awww. Other things were expletives. He had an uncanny knack for making everyday words into something that would make your grandma blush. Why a duck is a duck yet says 'f***-f***' I do not know.

Raph is now 4 and says most things clearly. He can say finger nails but those things on your feet? Now those are tailnoes. Each other? Wur-chudder? Surprises? that happens I do not know. He's very interested in words and meanings and spelling. So in the process he makes grand prairie dogs pray? Hmmm, interesting idea but I think no.

Onto the kids at school:

Raph goes to school with about 20 other kids. There is always some sort of drama. I hear all about it on the way home from school. Who got check marks and nearly fell and broke their teeth and who cried. Very interesting stuff.

Yesterday on the way home he says, "Mommy. You know those gummy worms?" "Yes" "Yeah well Owen eats REAL worms." Somehow I think that is a direct result of kids not being nice to Owen and making fun of him. Later at dinner we start talking about Owen and his bug and worm eating. "But Ethan said it first!" Suuuure he did. "Owen wasn't being nice and we were trying to get him to be nice. And we called him Pizza Head." ::thud:: You should never take the witness stand Raph. Ever.

We try to instill good values and kindness in our kids. We try to raise them to be good people, outstanding members of society. Then again he is a 4 year old little boy. Kids will be kids, they will call each other names and be best friends again 2 minutes later. I just hate to think MY kid was the one calling names, or idly standing by while another friend does the name calling.

Raph mostly talks about the boys in his class. Except his two revolving girlfriends Isabel and Sophie, of course. I must say, though, I have a special fondness for Amy and Estella. I know I'm having a good shoe day when I hear from one of those two girls. They definitely have an eye for fashion. I heard from one future fashonista yesterday, "RAPH'S MOMMY! RAPH'S MOMMY! I LIKE YOUR SHOES!" Little Amy was screaming at me from the top of the slide. How she could spot my shoes from the other side of the playground I do not know. I wave and say thank you. That wasn't enough. Amy comes running over breathless, "Raph's Mommy. I like your shoes. And your dress. And your earrings." Thank you honey. "Yeah gold earrings are better. They don't have bacteria."

There you have it. Gold earrings are better b/c they don't have bacteria. You learn something new everyday.

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