Saturday, July 5, 2008

"Cardinalballs" and Fireworks

The whole week leading up to the 4th of July is filled with anticipation. Every day we have to drive by the ever expanding carnival grounds. Giant ferris wheels and blow up tiger slides. What more could a 4 year old dream of? Every day Raph asked about the 'cardinalball' and when we would be able to go. Is it open today? Can I go to the cardinalball tomorrow? On Friday when its a holiday can I go to the cardinalball? I'm going to tell Ms. Marcia that I'm going to the cardinalball during group time!

Friday was the big day. We went to the cardinalball. We passed lots of Cardinal flags as we walked to the carnival grounds. No those aren't American flags, they are in fact Cardinal flags. You can't convince a 4 year old otherwise, so you roll with it. After all, we are going to the Cardinalball aren't we?

We watch the tail end of the parade for about 30 seconds. I agree with Raph, it was boring. We stood in line for tickets. $20 worth of tickets and we were off to find rides. Raph points out the first one he wants to go on. Naturally its extra spinny and has height requirement about a foot taller than he. I stear him to more age appropriate rides and we are off. We ride and spinning rides. Slides. Carousels. Trains and even a cobra ROLLER COASTER. Raph plays a dart game and popped two balloons. His two little prizes were presents for Colin. Awww. I introduced him to the wonderful world of funnel cakes and lemonade. After gorging on said funnel cake we go back for two more tickets so Raph can go down the blow up tiger slide. All in all a good day. Unless, of course, you are 4 and its over. Raph's whole body slumped over and he humpfed and pouted. I told him I had exactly ONE dollar left and that's not enough to do anything. He finally conceded that it was time to go home but not without adding, "Hey Mommy. Next time, you should just get out MORE money so that I can go on some more rides." Dually noted.

As we walk to our car I bribe Raph with fireworks if he takes a nap. "What are fireworks?" GASP! How could this be? Raph doesn't know what fireworks are? I think back and the last time we dared keep him up late enough to watch fireworks he was about 4 months old. Yeah so, he's never seen fireworks before. I promise to show him video of fireworks on the Internet and we make our way to the car. Murphy's law of child rearing insists that young children need to pee when you are the furthest from a potty. Raph says as we finally get to the car, "I have to go potty." sigh. Ok, so don't judge me but there was no way he was going to make it home so I had him pee on the street next to our car. That was HILARIOUS and he said a car was going to slip on his pee and crash into a tree. Um, okaaaay.

I showed Raph a YouTube of fireworks and that was enough to get a nap out of him. We managed to get Colin down for his third nap of the day and we were set for fireworks. We went to a party at Ms. Katie's house (she's not Raph's cousin but she's Uncle Joe's girlfriend but that's ok b/c she still likes him case you were wondering). Both boys managed to stay up until 10 pm and watched fireworks. Colin LOVED the 'doggies'...because everything right now is a doggy. He WOW!-ed and WHOA!-ed thru all the amateur displays and the professional show. Both boys were pretty impressed. Raph officially knows what fireworks are now.

The next morning they both work up at 6am, naturally. The day went pretty well. Colin was very tired and went to bed at 6:30 pm and Raph fell asleep eating his desert at 7:00pm. As I was typing this out I could hear snoring...I, as any good mother would do, ran for my camera and snapped this picture before waking him.

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Erin said...

The carnival was SO FUN except now we have to eat rice and beans until August to make up for it. I love that Raph called it the Cardinalball. LOVE IT. He is hilarious.

Also, you are my HERO for your coupons & baby food purchase. Holy smokes. You kick a$$! I read that post right after spending 2.5 hours in the kitchen slaving over making 3 weeks worth of baby food. Which if you ask me is totally not worth the effort. I think I'm going to be back at purchasing it. Clipping coupons is a better way to spend my time than cooking all those friggin fruits and veggies.

We should get together again soon! I'm out of town this week, but maybe next weekend?

(I probably should have just sent you an email.)