Friday, August 15, 2008

Adults only and All Inclusive

Have there ever been a more glorious set of words in the English language? Ever? I think not.

I love my children. I really do, but sometimes you just need to get away. Not have someone attack your belly button, Ninja Turtle you and get all manner of goo on your clothes. Sometimes you want to be able to sleep in (not that you can anymore b/c your kids have ruined you and its impossible to sleep past 7:00 am, but I digress). Eat whatever food you like without taking into consideration a milk/egg/peanut allergy or the limitations of eating with only four teeth. Have conversations that don't involve cartoons, the word "potty" or discipline. Sometimes you just want to be a happily married couple, not the parents of Raph and Colin.

We took just such a glorious trip. We packed up the kids, went to Nana's house in Texas and then RAN to the airport. Ok, so we didn't run, but you know. The El Dorado Royale is about the closest thing to Heaven I can think of. Its got more pools than I can count, even more BARS than pools, restaurants and 24 hr room service if you can't be bothered to leave your room. There was a Bloody Mary bar at breakfast with about 10 vodka's to choose from and the swim up bar opens at 10:00 am, a very respectable hour. After leaving our swim up room we could laze over to our pool bed and watch nothing happen. It was glorious. Where else can you have water balloon fights in the afternoon with a bunch of adults? Cocktails at the swing adults only does NOT = swingers, but there was a swing bar...where they had swings for you to sit on. Get your mind out of the gutter. We met many wonderful couples, wore bathing suits 80% of the time we were awake, ate dinner with new found friends and surprised people by saying not only were we not newly weds, but had been married seven years and have two kids.
That, my friend, is a good thing.

As I open an apple sauce cup and one diffuse Colin's repeated and over zealous temper tantrums this morning I fondly remember my best vacation in a long, long time.

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