Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Boobs and diving

I don't know. Maybe I just breastfed my boys for too long, or maybe they will just grow up to be boob men, but they are obsessed with my boobs. Mike is proud and says stuff like, "That's MY BOY!" Sigh.

They each have their own way of going about it. Raph is more subtle and suave. He will start by hugging my waist then slowly stretch his arms up and then have both hands on my boobs and 'tune in Tokyo'. Its slightly horrifying. Or if you are snuggled up he will just start rubbing them absent mindedly. Colin on the other hand is about as smooth as a gravel road. He just grabs the neck of my shirt and yanks it down with one hand and rams the other hand down my shirt and flops it around like a fish out of water. Their individual methods are indicative of their personalities in general. Raph is soft and sweet, Colin's just a violent brute.

This is nothing new either. Once Raph was a baby and sitting on my lap during Mass. He was facing me and as I described earlier...started to 'tune in Tokyo' and says, 'DADDY'S!' Loudly. And in Mass. Mike said, "Yes that's right." Um NOOO they are MINE! My boys might have gotten to borrow them for a while but they have always been MINE. All mine. Maybe I did just breastfeed them too long. 14 months doesn't seem that long but the long term effects have yet to be determined...I'll have to ask their future brides.

Anyway, onto diving. Have you heard? The Olympics are on. Its this little sporting event that makes the average American an expert in all manner of sports. My office talked about swimming and diving and gymnastics for all total a couple of hours yesterday. And everyone has an expert opinion on the matter. We did all agree that the woman shot putter (is that a word?) seemed, um, shall we say, beastly?

At home we watched some of the Olympics. The synchronized diving was on. Raph had never seen diving before but he was impressed. "OOOOOHHHHH. LOOK at that! I want to do that! Can I do that!?" He was sort of bouncing on the couch standing up. I worried that he wanted to do it right then, but he never jumped. I told him that yes, when he's older he could try diving if he wanted to. He was all happy bouncing on the couch and then went straight faced, "Do I have to wear a swimsuit like that?" Ah yes, even my 4 year old thinks a man in a speedo is a very bad thing. Mike jumped in and said, "No you NEVER have to wear a swimsuit like that. Ever." Raph perked up and resumed his bouncing and cheering for the jumping man-boys on TV.

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