Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fake Friends and Entertaining

I admit it. I have fake friends. I got sucked into the world of Internet message boards when I was pregnant with Raph. It was a little mindless chatter. Someone else to commiserate with about the glory (hell) that is pregnancy. Then I was put on bedrest. Message boards became my saving grace. What can you do for hours on end, alone? You can only watch so much TV and read so many books. Sometimes, you just want some interaction with *people*. There in began my obsession with my fake friends. I was part of one with Raph's age group for a while, then stopped for a few years. When I got pregnant with Colin I started with renewed vigor. I met a wonderful group of women all due in May 2007.

Mike doesn't *get* it, but I really do consider these women my friends. They just happen to live nowhere near me and most I have never met. Some I will probably never meet. The way I see it is this: People can fall in love and get married after meeting online. Its no longer taboo...not always the norm, but certainly more main stream than 10 years ago. So if people can find their soul mates ::gag:: then why can't I have friends?

A recent opportunity came up where I could meet one my so-called fake friends and her family. Not only that, but they spent the night and we all had a wonderful time. We had a few drinks, watched the kids play and talked like we were old friends...because we are just that. Old friends. Well, I'm not old but you know what I mean.

That leads me to entertaining. I love entertaining. I love having people over for snacks and drinks, full fledged dinner parties and weekend (or longer) visits. I have had a marathon of visitors this summer. We finally have a house big enough to be proper hosts. We have had 6 people stay at a time. HOORAY for basements!

We've had friends and family, kids and siblings come over. Everything from an impromptu BBQs, to kid fun filled 5 day trips and the visit from a fake friend driving across country with her family.

This week I out did myself. I had my, so-called, fake friend Toiny come on Monday. They spent the night (all 6 of them) and left Tuesday morning. I worked three days and my next round of guests came Thursday evening. Old friends from college and their little baby (my darling Godson). Then we even had a little party Saturday night, all while still entertaining our house guests. ::pant pant pant::

I'm tired, my house is pretty dirty, I really need to go to the grocery store, but I'm too tired for such things and I have to go to work bright and early tomorrow morning. You know what? I'm happy. Old friends, fake or real, make me happy. Having good food, a great bottle of wine or just a cooler full of beer to share makes me even happier. Seeing my boys play with people we all love makes it priceless.

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Erin said...

Awww. Yay! Sounds like the best reason to exhaust yourself.

Hey, WE need to get together! I'm out of town this weekend (Labor Day weekend), but soon. Okay? Okay.