Saturday, August 16, 2008

Kinda Browy

I have Italian eyebrows. More specifically Zinno eyebrows. That means that they produce about twice as many hairs as the average person should ever have. When Mike and I were dating he once told me I needed to pluck. Thanks honey! I love you too! I'm just sayin', you know its bad when your college boyfriend points out the ever increasing number of BLACK hairs on your face.
This week my eyebrows were in a bad way. In my defense I went to TWO places on a lunch break to have them waxed. No dice. What Vietnamese nail place doesn't have at least 5 people capable of ripping tiny hairs out of your skin? Alas, I went about my day with giant furry caterpillars resting over my eyes.

Yesterday I found the new best place to pluck. My kitchen! Its got great lighting and newly hung mirrors at just the right height. I was busy exterminating pillars and Raph comes in:

"Does that not hurt?"

"No, not really."

"Why are you doing that?"

"Because my eyebrows have too many hairs."

"Oh. So they are gettin' kind of browy."


"Does that make it hard to see? Because they are so browy?"

::Damn I know its bad but its not that bad::

"No I can see just fine, I just don't like that many hairs."

"Oh. Do I not have to do that when I get big?"

"No. This is something girls do, not boys."

"Right. Sometimes girls have problems that boys don't have."

"Yes, just like boys sometimes have problems that girls don't have." (I felt the urge to add, 'Yeah kind of like how your penis sticks out and won't go down...girls don't have that problem.' But felt it was best to leave that one alone...come to think of it...sometimes that's a girls problem too. Oy.)

" ::insert random made up word here:: That word means when girls and boys have a problem."

Indeed. I used to have browy eyebrows that made it hard to see, but today they are perfectly arched, plucked and waxed. Amazing...I can see things again!

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