Friday, August 22, 2008

Purple Limps, Swollen Appendage

As we all know, Colin is, um *special*. Nothing is ever normal. His personal mantra is "its always something". And that something usually requires extensive testing, 47 new gray hairs for his mama and wicked laugh from him as he runs, perfectly healthy, in the other direction.
This is nothing knew. Note the name of my blog...I am happy to report he no longer turns purple. It only lasted about 5 weeks. The doctors were in consensus (after extensive testing): It just happens like that sometimes. A vascular reaction to a virus. Suuuure it does. I think they just made that up.
Fast forward to the next round of oddities. Colin goes in for a check up and I point out a bump on his back that's been there for a while. The ped pokes, prods and pours over this hump. She screws up her eyebrows and declares, "I don't know what that is but I'm going to order an ultrasound." Yeah!!! At least we maxed our testing copays for the year so it won't cost anything! He goes in for his ultrasound and turns out his hump is a cavernous hemangioma. Its pretty much the same thing as a strawberry birthmark except its all secret and cavernous so its flesh toned. The end result...we'll just wait and watch. Naturally, something weird that requires testing but no treatment because he's *special* like that.
Meanwhile its summer in St Louis. That means there are mosquitoes. Those little bastards are everywhere...or so it seems if you look at Colin's skin. Even with bug spray he will get bitten one else, just Colin. This week Colin goes out, with bug spray, and gets about 5 bites. Two on his face, one on his leg, one on a hand and one on a foot. He gets the usual welts on his face and leg and you don't really notice the hand and foot ones. The next morning he gets up and his whole hand is swollen and bruised. His foot is so fat he can't wear shoes. Poor guy looks so abused, but this is nothing too terribly new. Its happened before, swollen hand and shoeless feet. Benedryl didn't seem to help in the past, but it would go down on its own by the next day. Then you could see the bites. Something about the hands and feet make him have inappropriate large reactions. ::shrug::
Well, since nothing can be easy with Colin, his hand and foot stay swollen and discolored for two full days. I make a call into the ped's office and go back and forth with the nurse. I get a new set of instructions for benedryl usage and the bruising is somewhat worrisome. You shouldn't get bruised from swelling. I have images of subcutaneous skin infections from rabid mosquitoes, then the ped's office calls back. The nurse says, "Well, we aren't too concerned with the discoloration since he's already had a history of crazy skin color reactions to things with the 5th Disease."
Nice. My kid has been labelled as a skin reaction freak. He's got a check mark in his charts saying, "Yeah this kid is just weird. Don't be alarmed."
I'm happy to say that his swelling and discolored appendages have gotten better. He still looks like he's got chicken pox or some other unsightly rash b/c his bug bites last for a month or more, but he is wearing shoes again. Hopefully the mosquitoes will all die soon or he can at least start wearing pants to cover his pox marked legs. At least when he actually had chicken pox they went away within the week. I think until it gets cold out he's just going to remain that poor abused child. Hopefully CPS doesn't show up at our doorstep....

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