Sunday, August 3, 2008

Why is his butt so big?

Raph posed this question this morning about his baby brother. We all laughed and said, "Well maybe he needs a new diaper?" Raph insists that Colin is in fact stinky (he wasn't) and that he needed a new diaper (he did). I suggest Raph change his diaper. Mike offers to teach him how to change a diaper and I run to get my camera. YEAH I'm taking pictures of this!

Colin is surprisingly docile for this diaper change. I think he was just confused as to WHY Raph was taking his pants off. After a few false starts undoing the tabs Raph gets the diaper off. Colin squeals and kicks with delight.

Raph struggles to get a diaper under Colin's butt b/c of all the kicking and laughing (by both boys and parents). He finally gets the diaper fastened then the real chore begins...putting the pants back on. With midget wrestling in full swing it would have been better to take a movie than a picture but I didn't dare switch modes lest I miss something. Raph got a little bit of education and we got a whole lotta entertainment out of just one little diaper change.

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Jodi said...

That is hilarious...and brave. I may have to let Drew try this...LOL. I would gladly pay him in skittles if he would start changing all of Luke's diapers!!!!