Saturday, September 27, 2008

Brotherly Love

Raph really is a good big brother. He loves his baby Colin very much. I have to remind myself of this fact when he tries to push him down the stairs now and then, but all in all, good big brother.

At school the teacher will sometimes ask each kid a question and then post all the responses at the door for us to see. One of the little things they do so that we have some insight as to what happens there each day. Only thing you will every hear from a 4 yr old is, "I don't know." or "I played with my teachers and friends." Alrighty then.

Last week posted outside the room was What I like about myself. I scroll thru the answers. All typical things, my hair, my fingers, my eyes...then there was Raph's answer. "My baby brother Colin." Awwww! I don't think he understood the question but the sentiment was there. And that was a far superior answer than the kid after him: "My underwear".

Later in the week they asked the kids who their favorite friend was. I found this a little odd, b/c it singles out kids and what if no one picked someone? Anyway, Raph's answer was "My baby brother Colin" Awwwwww! And then he told me Owen said Raph was his favorite friend but I didn't pick Owen, I picked Colin.

One night Raph and I were snuggered up on the couch after Colin was in bed and he saw the wedding portrait of Mike and I on the wall.

R: Mommy. Why did you and Daddy get married?

M: Because we loved each other.

R: I wish Colin was a girl or something.

M: Why do you wish Colin was a girl?

R: Because I would want to marry him b/c I love Colin.

Awwww! Ok so its more than a little misguided but again the sentiment is there. He very much loves his baby brother. I must always remember those moments when I hear him abusing his beloved.

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