Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Red, White and Blue Spidey

Raph found this costume in a box of hand-me-downs today. He immediately put it on and didn't really take it off. Colin got a little freaked out by the mask and would cry. Raph, in all his big brother glory kept popping up in his face from around corners and walls, "HEY! Colin! Its just me. HEY!!!" That didn't help Colin's crying which was already at a code orange today.

We were going to the grocery store and he asks, "Mommy, does it not matter to the people who live at the grocery store what I wear?" Wait, what? In Raph-speak that means, Mommy I want to wear my Spiderman costume to the grocery store, will the people who work there not care if I wear it? And the mask?

So we went off to the grocery store. He puts on his mask as we enter and promptly runs smack into a display. ::THWACK:: This old lady drew a quick breath, brought her hand to her mouth, "Oh dear!" I laugh uncontrollably, rub his head, then guide him to the cart. He takes off the mask, screws up his nose and rubs his head. Poor buddy.

He carried on as usual at the grocery store, aside from a few snorting, laughing fits from his mother on occasion who kept thinking of the smacking into the display incident. Every now and then someone would *recognize* him and he would turn bright read and hide his face. In the car he said he didn't like people knowing how he was b/c they would think he was the black Spiderman (the new cartoon/movie has Spiderman's alter ego wear a black spidey suit). I assured him no one thought he was the bad Spiderman b/c he was wearing red and blue. "And white too Mommy." Yes red, white and blue spidey. My hero.

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