Sunday, October 5, 2008

Damn Soy Cheese

Someone please tell me WHY they make soy cheese with caesin in it? WHY?! Doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of it being SOY? I will never understand why you would go through all the effort to make some processed cheese like food and then add some milk protein in it. Why? Same for rice processed cheese like food. Or almond processed cheese like food.

Raph is far from daring when it comes to food. He's borderline phobic of new foods. It is a huge production to get him to try new things. Even things like cake. His first THREE birthdays were: Cheerios on a candle, Jello Tower with candles and his third birthday he had cake but didn't eat it. You should have seen him last night eating a hamburger....did I mention he doesn't eat meat? It was his idea to have a hamburger and I'm pretty sure he regretted it later. He did eat half of it and it only took him an hour and a half. No exaggeration, 90 minutes of painfully slow chewing and occasional crying, but he did it.

Given his restricted diet (allergies to milk, egg and stuff that's in EVERYTHING) he hasn't had a lot of variety. And not many mixing of ingredients. He has separate bowls for everything. No peas and carrots thank you. A bowl of peas and a bowl of carrots will do just fine. We've only just now gotten him to start using the same spoon for each food. He used to need one spoon for peas, one for carrots, a fork for get the picture. You could have more than one thing on a plate, if they didn't touch. I think he took the run of the mill toddler OCD to the next level, but that's just Raph. He doesn't bend on much and things have to be just so.

Its not very often that he will try new foods. We've been on a blitz as of late. Next year he's going to Kindergarten and they aren't going to have prepared meals like they do at his school now. He's going to have to bring a lunch, that can't be refrigerated or microwaved. No container of plain noodles there. He MUST learn to eat sandwiches. Or something. We've tried jelly, soy nut butter, almond butter, apple butter, honey and nothing is a real hit. He will nibble at an apple butter sandwich but that's about it.

He brought up the idea of trying soy cheese. Cheese sandwich can be brought in a lunch box right? I've tried many times, but as with most things it has to be his idea. He sees Colin eating cheese all the time and I think it finally got to him. Today we went to Trader Joe's....all their *soy* cheese has caesin. Off to Whole Foods where no matter what you buy you spend $50 at a minimum. They had a whole case of soy cheeses, almond cheeses and rice cheeses. Only one vegan brand did not have caesin...those vegans are sticklers like that. We bought the only kind of vegan cheese like food they had and some soy yogurt. Raph nearly jumped out of his skin when he saw Cinnamon Bun yogurt. He was in heaven tonight at dinner with his new favorite yogurt. He tasted his cheese like food, said he liked it but only had one bite. Whatever, can't say I blame him if he doesn't like it. You just can't fake cheese...

~~Oh and by the way, I have a fabulous recipe for vegan pumpkin pie. It really is very good and tastes just like regular pumpkin pie without all the milk and egg....and fat. Seriously its a very healthy desert and very tasty at that. Let me know if you want the recipe. ;)~~

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