Sunday, October 19, 2008

House of Testosterone

I'm reading a book called, "House of Testosterone". The writer has 3 sons, a husband and a male dog named after a baseball stadium. She and I are kindred spirits and I'm laughing my way through this book thinking, "Oh I've been there." "I can top that." and "Oh shit that will happen some day?!"

I haven't made it through the whole book...its hard for me to find time to read these days. When I read a book I like to sit down with big chunks of time and read 700 page books in a day in a half. Sadly my current life does not mesh well with that type of reading, but I do what I can, when I can.

So I say to you Sharon O'Donnell, this is my own House of this!

Last week as I was tucking Raph into bed he whispers, "Mommy I have a secret to tell you." Then I gasp for air and I'm overwhelmed with a formitable stench. I ask Raph if he just farted and he buries his face in his pillow laughing and pops off about 3 more farts! That's just wrong and what came out of his butt was unholy.

Then the next morning I'm zipping up his jacket and he says, "Mommy I have a secret."
NO! Do not fart on me!
Mommy I can't control my body and sometimes there are things that need to come out of my butt.
I wonder why there is not a song called "Thank Heaven for little BOYS"

And because there is always more here's another gem. The 'home living' section of his classroom is where they have the kitchen or transform it to a restuarant or whatever. Currently its football themed and they have it set up like a stadium with a consession stand, score board, cheer leader stuff and what not. He's telling me all about it and then says,
"You know there's just one thing they don't have enough of."
What's that?
"Cheer leader stuff. They need more cheerleaders."

Then the next morning as I'm getting him out of the car at school, "I'm so excited to be going to school today."
That's nice honey.
"Yeah I can't wait to play in the football home living section. I love football. There's just not enough cheerleaders though. They need more cheerleaders."
And not to leave off Colin. He started crying the other night b/c there was no baseball on TV. Mike refuses to watch the playoffs this year and he was crying, pointing to the TV bringing us the remote, "BallBALLLL Balllllballlllll" Oh the humanity!
Slowly but surely he's coming around to the new fall season of football. Ballball has a new meaning in our Fortunately for my little one with a limited vocabularly, there is always a sport on that involves some sort of ball.

That is my life in the house filled with men.

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