Saturday, October 4, 2008

My little Linus

We tried early on to get Colin to fall in love with a stuffed animal, but that didn't really work. Silly me, I thought he'd be just like Raph...because you know he's like Raph in so many ways (insert sarcasm here). Raph had his beloved George that was bigger than him. Eventually George had a friend Little One. Then Big George got pushed aside to accommodate Little One, Dumbo and Horse. Oh and of course the ubiquitous B's. Raph's first love was a cloth diaper. Sounds gross but you know the kind you use as a burp cloth. He associated cloth diapers with nursing. Like one of Pavlov's dogs, you put a cloth diaper under his chin and he'd start rooting and sucking his tongue. As he got older he would cozy up to the diaper and suck his tongue to fall asleep. It carried on and even today at 4 and a half years old he has usually 2 B's in bed with him...along with his other babies. Raph is a good daddy to his babies. He rocks them, sings to them, swaddles them and even at times breast feeds them. Here they are all snuggered up in his pillow for a nap.Colin has babies that he plays with but nothing that he absolutely adores. His one true love is a blankie he calls 'Bah-boo'. ::shrug:: This blankie has made it through three other kids before it became his. No one else loved this blankie, until now. This gender neutral green and yellow blankie was part of my oldest niece's going home outfit. Jacy didn't like it so it remained virtually unused when Jenna came along 6 years later. Jenna didn't like it either so by the time it got passed on to Raph 7 years later, it was again like new. Raph never liked this poor rejected blanket. Poor little bah-boo, tossed aside for so many years now gets dragged thru the grass, garage floors and everywhere else imaginable. I have to wrestle bah-boo away from Colin to wash its poor stinky self or slip it in the laundry when he's not looking and hope its clean in time for the next nap. Colin will squeal with delight when he sees his bah-boo and cozy up, suck his tongue (not unlike Raph with his B's) and lay down with his blanket. His bedtime routine consists of this: Colin do you want to get your blankie? He runs to find it and puts his head on your shoulder, commences tongue sucking and is ready for bed. A lovie is a beautiful thing...but we better put a tracking device on this blankie b/c its 12 years old now and I KNOW we can never replace it!

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