Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sign baby sign!

Baby signs are the greatest invention ever. I loves me some fat baby finger signing. With Raph we attempted baby signs but it didn't work. He started talking way to early and it would go something like this, "Raph. Milk. (insert milk sign). Milk." Raph would look at me, do milk sign and say, "Milk!" It became a moot point.

Colin is my nonverbal child. He's not totally lacking in the talking department but you know. Raph was talking in complete sentences by 18 mo. Colin has a few words at 18 mo. I started earlier with Colin. I was determined to have a signing baby. My niece Jenna was beyond cute with her fat baby finger signs. She was so good at it that she had a vast vocabulary (in signs) and could sign sentences. I wanted that.

At about 9 mo old, with a lot of help from Raph, we taught Colin some signs. Milk and all done. Two very important signs when your life revolves around sleep and your next meal. He did well with them for a few months. Then at a year he totally stopped talking, and he also stopped signing. It was very sad and quiet few months. Not sure what happened to him but he stopped all communication for a few months. Well, he would still scream and cry and laugh just fine but other than that. Nada.

Then the light switch went off and he started signing and talking again. He still doesn't have a very big spoken vocabulary but can say boo and doggie about 872 times a day. He's been adding in signs to his *speaking* and its just so dang cute. I got a video of him doing a few signs. Feast your eyes on the adorable world of baby signs!

**Please forgive the video quality. its hard to record a wiggly baby and turn pages of a book with your left hand lol.

Key to Video 1:

Frog- stick tongue in and out
Book - interlace fingers and open/close
Bunny - Hopping pointer finger
Cow - he moos
Goat - can you hear it? Its a word that sounds like Goat
Stars - hand over head wiggling fingers
Duck - he knows it well
Monkey - scratches underarm but I'm not sure he can reach his underarm so he just scratches
Fish - open and close fishy lips

Key to Video 2:

Bunny - hopping pointer finger
Monkey - scratching
Stars - wiggling fingers
Bear - he rrrrr's
Bunny - the ever present bunny! That works for squirrels and small woodland creatures

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