Friday, October 17, 2008

The sound of a toilet flushing...

I'm in the kitchen and I hear laughing coming from the bathroom. Then Raph singing a song about how he's pooping. Colin is cheering him on, or so it seems. Raph comes out to get help with his belt and I send him back in to wash his hands.

I continue making dinner and I hear laughing and singing and water and toilet flushes. Not too unusual. Hey, they are happy and I can make dinner without a wee one trying to pants me and another one begging for food now because he's starving. I half listen to them and focus on my dinner prep.

I start to notice that the toilet has flushed way too many times, "Get out of the bathroom and turn the light off!"

More flushes and laughing. In my best mean mommy voice, "GET OUT OF THE BATHROOM NOW!" I have a pretty good mean mommy voice. Raph stands in the hall jumping up and down and laughing...trying his best to not go running back into the fun filled bathroom. "Turn off the light and get out of the bathroom." He turns the light off and runs into the kitchen with glee, "Colin's getting blue soap everywhere!" My head spins around, "WHAT!? What did you let him do?!"


I drag Raph into the bathroom to see Colin drenched, water everywhere and him diving head first into the toilet after the most recent flush. No toilet paper on the roll and some on the floor. Blue foaming soap in the sink.

::head explodes::

I send Raph to his room and strip Colin, wash his hands and drag him kicking and screaming out of the bathroom. You see I just ruined all his fun. I'm mean like that.

I go to Raph's room and explain to him how things work. He thinks that if he didn't actually get in the toilet he's not guilty. I know he wouldn't get in the toilet because he's old enough to think its gross. Colin thinks its just this fun thing that makes wooshing sounds and has a never ending supply of water. Oh and a container to throw things empty toilet can hold a lot.
I explain to Raph that when he watches Colin do something that he shouldn't do he's just as guilty. He has to either stop him or tell me what Colin is doing. But why do that when its more fun to watch your baby brother paper the bathroom, play in toilet water and splash it over every inch of the walls and floor?

After they recovered from the bathroom episode they resumed their daily chores of harassing me for food, one verbally and the other one signing with vigor and pants-ing me.


Erin said...

OH NO! That is like my NIGHTMARE. I live in fear of the day the boys discover toilet entertainment.

Although once, Calum decided to use his toy broom to "stir" the toilet water. YUCK!

Marcella said...

Colin learned early on. About the time he figured out how to open doors, climb ontop of counter tops and accidentally flushed a toilet while scaling it. He's some sort of evil genius like that.