Saturday, November 15, 2008

3 Kinds of Zen

In the last 24 hrs I have experienced 3 types of zen. The first is the most obvious type. I got a hot stone massage. When you think about it in too much detail its really quite absurd. You pay lots of money to get naked in a room with crock pots full of rocks. Then you have somebody rub said hot rocks all over your naked body. Yes that does sound, shall we say, stooooopid. I assure you though, the effect is far from stupid. Even the tiny little rocks between your toes are amazing and the one right in the middle of your forehead. Ahhhhh hot rocks. All of them were wonderful, but the best part was at the end. I was laying on my stomach and the massage therapist took a hot rock, followed by a cold rock and quickly ran them from the soles of my feet to my shoulders and back again. Oh it was heaven...sorry no pictures to share for that one.

The second kind of zen is more cathartic. I resigned myself that I will NEVER fit into those size 0 pants again and gathered them all up in bins. I went through my closets, drawers and shoes boxes slash and burn style. I filled 3 big bins with stuff that I won't wear, shouldn't wear and don't really care to wear. It was such a great big pile it prompted Mike to do the same. We now have about 150 empty hangers and lots of extra room in our closets and no more guilt staring you down every time you open the closet doors. Ahhhhh.

The third kind of zen is possibly even more rare. Raph said he wanted to lay down and take a nap. WHAAAA?! I said, "SURE!" and ushered him off to bed. Colin had already laid down easily and now Raph ASKED to lay down. As I type this he's still not actually in bed, but whatever. He's gotten up to use the bathroom at least 3 times but he's quietly hanging out in his room. I will never complain about that, ever. So here I have a rare moment alone at the computer. Colin asleep, Raph pretending to be asleep and Mike dropping off all those clothes we packed up at our local thrift shop for donation.

Ahhhhhh bliss. Though I think its the calm before the storm. I volunteered to bake gingerbread cookies with 4 boys, 4 and under. I'm glad I never got around to cleaning my floors yesterday but I'm sure today's aftermath will require a thorough scrubbing!

Hmmm, no pictures for this entry. I can't let that happen. How about this one then?


Erin said...

That COLIN! What a great picture! It made me forget what I was going to say.


That massage sounds incredible. I've NEVER gotten a massage before. Ever. I don't even get my hair cut but once a year tops, and then I go to Great Clips on lunch break. I need to have a little life of my own I think.

Good job with the closet clean-out. That's a major project. And size ZERO jeans? You wouldn't want to fit into those anyhow. You look great!

Finally, we had so much fun today at your house. Thanks for letting us completely trash your kitchen. Calum now calls Raph "Raph My Friend," like it's his full name. Surprisingly, both boys actually ate dinner! All that gingerbread dough must have gotten their tummies going. Thanks so much for having us all over!

Marcella said...

HA! Neither of mine ate dinner. We went to Sweet Tomatoes and Colin had juice and Raph ate about 4 noodles and some jello. Then both came home to eat more gingerbread. niiiice. At least Colin was free.

And you need a massage. For realsies. You have not lived until you have a massage...the foo-foo fun ones or the hurt-me-so-bad therapeutic ones.

Calum is sweet. Raph always wants people to come to our house so he loves having kids to trash the place.