Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Fall Picnic

Every now and then a 4 yr old can have a stroke of genius. Raph said, "Mommy we should have a picnic today." BRILLIANT! Its probably the last warm day of fall, our maple tree exploded leaves in our backyard and we had nothing planned. Perfect.

I made up a nice basket. Colin frantically signed 'eat' and 'more' while I fixed it and threw himself on the floor repeatedly, but we made it out the door. We ate our "healthy, nutritious picnic lunch" as Raph so aptly stated.
After we picnicked the boys played in the leaves and we made a mountain of leaves at the bottom of the slide. What could be more glorious than flying into a mountain of leaves!?

I re-raked that pile about 900 times and helped Colin to the top of the swing set just as many times. It would occasionally *rain* leaves and all was just perfect.

I've decided Colin must be part cat b/c he used one of his lives today. I had helped him get to the top of the fort on the swing set. I went around the front to re-rake the leaves and I see him heading for the rock wall. I walk over to make sure he's safe and ::pouf:: he goes head first, then end over end off the top of the fort and down the rock wall. I caught him and flipped him. It looked like a lift from a dance show. It was impressive. Caught him and he cried. Not because he nearly bashed his head and broke his neck...but because he was no longer at the top of the fort.

I swear this boy is either going to kill himself or give me a coronary before he makes it to Kindergarten. But you know, other than that today was just peachy!

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