Saturday, November 1, 2008


Raph has been talking about Halloween since August. Its so much fun now that he has the anticipation for holidays. He wanted to be a Ninja Turtle this year, Leonardo to be exact. I couldn't play the whole "they don't make Ninja Turtle costumes" like I did last year. I just can't get into the super hero thing but then again, I'm not a 4 yr old boy.

Raph picked his costume early and Target only had Raphael in his size. Raphael is an inferior turtle. Having the same name as him wasn't good enough, he HAD to be Leonardo. So we bought the 3 sizes too big costume that he adores. We also found a hand me down Spiderman costume so he's been alternating costumes for each event we've gone to. Spiderman has also been to the grocery store, Target and Sams. Leonardo will not be worn for the everyday and reserved for only most special of occassions.
Colin, though still a baby, is not the fuzzy animal costume wearin' sort. We had planned on him being John Belushi from Animal House. Complete with a Preschool black tshirt and a toga. He freaked out when I came at him with a toga and ripped off the laurel in disgust. Plan B was a pirate. He makes an adorable pouty pirate.

In celebration of Halloween we went to Boo at the Zoo, a Parents As Teachers party, school party and parade, party at an old neighbor's house and of course Trick or Treating. All in all it was a great Halloween.
This was the parade at school. Note Colin is NOT walking and made me carry him the whole time. Sigh.

It took Colin about 30 seconds to have it all figured out. He'd march up to houses, press his little face to the glass and grab handfuls of candy and excitedly scream DOGGIE if there was a dog in the house...then try to enter said houses. If someone took too long to answer the door he was off to the next house.

Raph even said Trick or Treat and Thank you, though he kept forgetting his joke. Big step in the right direction this year. He even would tell people which Ninja Turtle he was...all that from my typically shy and silent Raph is huge. He also only got freaked out by one dog. Again major improvement. Last year he was terrified of a Weiner dog lmao. In his defense, that dog had a Napoleon complex or something and was *vicious*.
Check out this loot! This is before we added the zoo candy but I don't think Raph could be any happier.
From the left clockwise: Pretzels, the Great Pumpkin doesn't want no stinkin' pretzels! Safe fruit candy (read: Raph's pile). Pumpkin-o-death (read peanut candy or Mommy's pile). Safe chocolate candy (read: Colin's pile).

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Erin said...

"Pumpkin-o-death" hee! I know peanut allergies are NOT funny, but THAT is.

They are SO CUTE. Colin in that pirate costume is ohmygod adorable. Sorry about Leonardo.

I was at that Parents As Teachers party too! At the Webster Family Center? It's like we're living parallel lives!

How do you get your pumpkin carved so intricately? Are your hands all blistered afterward? Because I barely manage to butcher a face into ours every year and it's a total B*T*H! I never could figure how people DO that.