Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The best of 2008

I was thinking back on 2008 and the most noteworthy, OMG shoot me now, story of the year had to be the time both my boys had surgery. This happened before I started the blog so this will be a compilation of emails and posts from a mommy message board. So if you missed it the first time around. Enjoy! This could only happen to me...

Both boys having surgery in one day seemed like a good idea. Colin needed tubes, Raph needed his tonsils out. Same day, same doctor, same hospital. Brilliant right?

I have no actual pictures of this event (who has time for pictures at a time like this??) so this was what they looked like at this age.


Colin USED to sttn, but with this last ear infection, not so much. He can't have anything to eat after 12 and only clear liquids till 530.

130 - first waking, fussed back to sleep

330 - second waking, fussed back to sleep

400 - third waking, gave him a bottle of water...he was confused but drank some

415 - fourth waking...maybe a continuation of 3rd?

430 - attempted water again...he became enraged

445 - brought him to bed with us. He started yelling "Dada!" and tackling Mike and using our heads as stepping stones to get to our blinds.

500 - we gave up and got up attempted to keep Colin happy. He repeatedly signed milk. Sorry buddy, not today. He went from playing to crying to sleeping to crying to playing and back again about 87 x before I left at 645. Off to a good start no?

I go to the hospital and check in. Get asked repeatedly about birthdates...3/8 or 3/28. Problems that come up when you have brothers on the same day with similar bdays. Colin was distracted by stuff at the hospital so he was mostly happy. We opted for versed (?), a sedative prior to surgery. I put him on his little gurney and he just sat up and was silent the whole way to the OR. The ENT came out to tell me about his tubes and it went well, he didn’t fuss at all. Phew! I told her about Raph's recent ear infections so she said she'd come up with a plan by the time his surgery came up and see you later! She's awesome.

I went to recovery and Colin woke up like he'd just taken a nap. No crying, until I took the cup of juice away he was chugging. We couldn't let him drink too much too fast lest he throw up everywhere. Then he was playing and happy. AWESOME! I took him over to Grandma's house and when I left he was yelling at the dog and chasing him with a spoon. Totally fine and happy. Rushed back to the hospital to meet Mike with Raph.

My ENT was working fast that morning so they were on it as soon as Raph came back. I got to see all my new friends and it was a joke how busy I was and nurses were teasing Raph b/c he looked like Colin etc. Got his history and prepped him. ENT came in and said if there was fluid she'd give him tubes, no fluid, no tubes. She just didn't want it to be that he ended up needing surgery again in 6 mo or something. She gave him the same set you give first timers instead of the longer lasting second round tubes.

They gave Raph the same sedative and wheeled him out. The other ENT told me over his shoulder that I had very brave sons. Awwww. I DO have brave sons! Isn't that what every mom of boys wants to hear?

Raph's surgery was an hour 15 so we ate lunch and waited.

ENT came back and she said she gave him tubes, some of his adenoids grew back so she got those, took the tonsils. Um, adenoids can grow back? She said his tonsils had scarring on them like he'd had a lot of throat infections. He's never had ANY that I know of and has never complained about his throat hurting...weird. He generally never complained about his ears either. I think he's lacking pain sensors or something.

We went to Raph in recovery and he was so small and balled up and pitiful. He whimpered and sounded croupy (intabated so it roughs up vocal cords) and cried some while his sedative wore off. Mike held him and he started feeling better. He had an ice pack for his neck and took some narcotic pain meds and felt better. His oxygen saturation was low so he was kept on oxygen for a while. They brought him upstairs to his overnight room. It was a double. BOOO!!!!

While they were getting his history upstairs they were asking about his allergies. Specifically peanut and if it was airborn sensitivity etc. I could see where they were going...he's in a double. Mike was spending the night and he was going to have to sleep in a fold out chair with a bunch of other annoying people. I simply told her I don't know. He goes to a peanut free school and we don't have any at home so he really doesn't have that kind of exposure. I notice the people in the next bed have a can of PEANUTS on the AC unit. Mind you there is only a curtain between us and the room is quiet except for me saying how my son is anaphalctic to peanuts...not a word. Then another nurse says something b/c they posted a giant sign on the door SEVERE PEANUT ALLERGY. The other freakin kid has a PEANUT butter sandwich on his tray. Did that other family say a freakin word?? Uh NOOOO! The nurse says, hold on a minute. She comes back with a new room assignment. A private room. Woohoo! Mike actually gets a bed, no hoosiers throwing peanuts at my kid and we get privacy. For once his allergies have come in handy. Yeah for peanut allergies!

Raph is doing really well. His oxygen saturation came back to an acceptable level. He's tolerating his IV this time. He freaked out last year b/c he had an IV. This year he just holds that hand up lol. When I left he was eating...yes EATING. He had been drinking pretty well and eating Popsicles. The nurse said he was a dream patient b/c he was drinking so much after having his tonsils out. Assuming his oxygen does well overnight and he keeps up the drinking he can come home in the morning. The doctor is coming to check on him first thing with rounds and will let him go home. He really hasn't complained too much at all and is happily watching his movies.

I went to the gift shop and got a balloon for him and saw the mom of one of his classmates. Mike just told me that he got a balloon and coloring book from his friend. That's sooo sweet!

Oh yeah...remember my other kid had surgery too? Sheesh. I feel horrible that I had to ship him off but he'd done so well in the morning I didn't worry. I go to pick him up and my MIL says he threw up once and had a fever. Not sure how high b/c she didn't have a thermometer. She gave him Tylenol but it took a while to break and then he passed out on Poppy's shoulder. He was drenched in sweat when I picked him up. CRAP! I changed his wet clothes and fed him then he proceeded to crawl circles around the house, torment the dog and attack Grandma, Poppy, Uncle Steve and a rotation. He was WILD and fever free. wtf? I'm not sure what's going on with him but I came home at 830-845 and fed him, gave him his ear drops and he went to bed. I hope the fever was a freak thing and he's ok next time he wakes. Just what I need...


As soon as Mike brought Raph home from the hospital I turned around and took Colin to the doctor.

I’m in hell, he’s got the pox.

When the doctor told me I just started laughing like a crazy person. It was either that or start sobbing.
The doctor laughed, "Well you are already taking this week off right?" lol that's sort of funny.


Also, he got the pox vaccine on the 28th. So he either picked it up before it kicked in OR he got it from the vaccine. Yes he’s that .0001% of kids who actually gets chicken pox from the vaccine. OF COURSE he is.

While I was talking to the ped he said, "This confirms my decision that I'm 'one and done'"


I had infectious disease control from the hospital call me.

::guilt guilt guilt::

Now they have to go around calling EVERYONE that had surgery yesterday. I know its not my fault nor did I intentionally take a sick baby with a highly contagious disease into a HOSPITAL but damn. I still feel like chit about this.

I think I'm developing a facial tick lol.

Raph is on just plain Tylenol today. No more mule kicks trying to get the codeine laced Tylenol in him. He's still wimpy and I have to be on him to drink, but he's ok. It goes against my very being as a mom to say its ok to drink juice, eat muffins and watch tv all day. Its hard to get over that.

Colin is pocking out nicely. He's pretty covered and more keep coming. Doesn't seem to bother him any though. That is merciful...for me. He's wimpy and whiny and clingy but not horrible itchy.

So far its mostly on his torso but he has a stray pox on his face/eye lid, his hand, under his diaper etc. They are all still pretty flat and don't see to bother him. Yet. I looked online and saw that the 1-2% of kids that get it from the vaccine end up with pretty mild, short lived cases. I'm hoping this is true.

I'm just hoping that he actually naps today. Yesterday he napped once for 20 min then on the way to/from the dr's in the car. That's it. Normally he takes 2 2hr naps a day without a fuss. He was up a bunch last night but I'd rather it be Colin up than Raph. Raph woke up once at 9 pm and got more meds then back to sleep until 630. He's feeling much better today and only on regular Tylenol. That's a good thing b/c the kind with codeine tastes bad and he fought hard at each dose.


Pox party at my house!

Bring your own baby and booze!

I won't even charge a cover...just bring in your babe and I'll let them touch Colin's belly.

I'm going to develop a facial tick soon...I should drink more.

My friend called earlier to check on me. He had a mental image of me rocking in the corner, muttering to the wall and sipping on a bottle of whiskey...not a bad idea.


When I took the boys to the ENT for their post surgical follow up I was chatting with her nurse. I told her about Colin's pox. Her eyes got huge and said, "THAT was you!?" Oh yes, that was us. She told me about how she had to go around calling all the parents of my ENT's patients that day. She said about half of them FREAKED OUT and some where even hysterical. Lovely. So it wasn't bad enough that I had the Spanish Inquisition with the Infectious Disease Control Lady about where we'd been, whom we'd talked too and what we'd touched...but I also caused this sweet nurse to get verbally abused by other parents. ::hangs head in shame::

This was probably the best My-Life-As-A-Mom story of the year. Top that! I dare you...

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Erin said...

I couldn't come CLOSE to topping that. Seriously. That is traumatizing. I need to lay down after just READING about it.

BTW, I LOVE the Christmas recap pics. I want to EAT that Colin! And of course Raph is such a little MAN; what a great kid.