Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Christmas in Pictures

Because that's how I roll. I take pictures. Lots of pictures.

We begin with finding that perfect tree at Ted Drewes.

Then patiently wait in the car while Daddy straps that tree to the top of the car.

This is our "Dottie Tree" and Raph showing off his mad ninja skills.

Surprisingly, Colin did not mess with the tree, climb the tree, destroy the tree or knock the tree down! We are so proud of him!

A few of our other decorations this year.

I found the perfect spot for some of my Grandma's antique ornaments. I wanted to use them and have them on display. Again, surprisingly, Colin left them alone!
My annual attempt at a nice picture with my boys.
We had a Christmas Eve cocktail party. Colin mixes strong drinks with a healthy pour. He earned some pretty good tips that night.
Raph left Santa some Candy Cane Joe-Joe's.
And decided that Santa drinks cow milk...sure enough. Santa drank the whole glass!
The loot before it was destroyed.
My OCD Santa presents. They all had to have green paper and santa ribbon. I will have you know that Raph did, infact, notice.

Colin enjoying his new kitchen. Raph proclaimed that Santa left it for himself and Colin. They have both been cooking and grilling all kinds of treats for me.
Raph got a new digital camera and not unlike his mother he says, "COWIN! Look at me! Awww, that's a good one!"

Raph's other favorite was the Rody. I love that little green donkey!
Later on Christmas we went to Mike's parent's house and Colin played poker with the big boys. Here's he's counting his money, "Gee, geee, gee, gee."

The next day after Christmas we went bowling with some cousins and uncles. You like his proud stance? I will have you know on my first throw I got a strike. And on my second throw...a gutter ball. Oh well.

And the next day after Christmas we went to the Family Christmas Party. Raph was very excited to drink his lemonade out of a fancy glass.
Raph is probably the only kid in the universe that hates the Happy Birthday song. As usual, he covers his ears whenever people sing. He was out of luck b/c they sang Happy Birthday twice, once of Baby Jesus and once for his cousin Will.

Colin preferred the dance floor. He was in awe of the disk ball and was break dancing to Bette Midler at one point. He so crazy.
All in all it was a great Christmas filled with lots of family functions and was quite exhausting.

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