Friday, December 5, 2008

How did we get to this point?

There is a story to this picture. Today I cut his hair because I was waiting on the dryer...wait, let me start from the beginning.

This morning as we were getting ready to leave Raph announces an emergency and I hear water running. I go to the boys' bathroom and Colin is IN the sink with the water running. He's washing his toothbrush...and his legs. His blanket is on the ground soaking wet. So at some point the blanket had been in the sink with him and under the water.

I scoop him up, change his clothes and deposit wet blanket and clothes in the washer that was already running. Colin then starts screaming because he wants his blanket. Well, he should have thought about that before he turned the water on the blanket.

Raph was already to go and I put a still screaming Colin in the car. They both needed hair cuts in a bad way. Colin screams most of the way to the hair place. We stop by the dollar store next to the salon to get a treat of some sort in hopes that Colin will sit for a hair cut. For a kid who's had countless hair cuts already, I had a bad feeling about this one. That and he was still mad about the blanket.
For reference. This is what his hair looked like 2 nights ago. He was in DIRE need of a new hair cut.

We go into the hair place and after the lady cleans up the chair I plop Colin down. He then immediately starts screaming and reaching and pleading, "MMAAAAMMMAAAAA!" I bribe him with candy. He takes the candy and continues screaming. I can already tell this is not happening today. The lady was no where near him and he was jumping out of the seat.

Raph sits nicely for a hair cut which ended up not looking very good. Note to self: A hair cut that costs $5.95 looks like a hair cut that costs $5.95.

We stop by the grocery and then head home with only one hair cut, even though Colin needs it the most. After lunch, and when I say lunch I mean Colin throwing food and taking 3 bites, I'm left waiting on the dryer. I am so ready to put Colin down for a nap but I can't because his blankie is in the dryer.

I look over at Colin as he's making a mess and fighting with Raph. I look at his ridiculously shaggy hair and think about the dryer. I then go to the bathroom, pull out the clippers and strap Colin into his high chair.

He screamed and cried and acted like he was Samson losing his beloved hair. I clip away a mountain of hair. I step back and look at his tear streaked face and think, "WHAT have I done!?"

I quickly put the boys in the bath hoping that all cleaned up it won't be so bad. It can't be right? I dress him and comb what's left of his locks and I hear the dryer buzz. YES! The blanket is ready...remember that's the whole reason we got to this point after all.

I go down to the basement and get the blanket. When I come back upstairs with the basket of laundry I find Colin scooping bath water from the draining tub and putting it in the toilet. See, he's just NAUGHTY!

I take him from the bathroom and put him in the kitchen and take this picture. He's so angry with me because of his new hair cut and I made him stop playing with toilet water and I held his blanket hostage for a couple hours. But we got to this picture, was simply that I was waiting on the dryer. Oh and Colin is naughty. He's Colin. He's naughty. That's just what he does.

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Erin said...

WOW. Sounds like QUITE a day. I hate hair cuts. I cut Cal's hair myself because there's NO WAY I could trust him to sit nicely for someone else. He doesn't sit nicely for me either, but he's getting better.

Love that first picture! He looks GUILTY AS CHARGED.