Sunday, December 21, 2008

Making things complicated

Why do I do these things to myself? WHY!? I just can't stop myself. I see what I do, but I continue and do it anyway.
I celebrate Christmas with food. Holidays must have lots and lots of good food. Its hard for me when things are not at my house because I can't control the food. Sounds like an eating disorder right? So its Christmas time and I have an unhealthy obsession with Buche de Noel. I know I could probably make one and have it end up looking like a festive turd, so I want to buy one. I don't know any French bakeries here so I'm at a loss. I'm disappointed b/c I really really want one. I set aside that little glitch and move on to what I can and will make.

Mike's family doesn't really do anything for Christmas Eve. In my family that's the bigger celebration, so it wears on me. This year I'm taking matters into my own hands and creating a celebration. I can't really do a full sit down dinner since we have small kids and Midnight Mass is out of the question. We have to endure the "children's chaos mass" at 4 pm. When you know you won't get home until 5:30 or so that leaves little time for a proper dinner. My solution was to have a Christmas Eve cocktail party of sorts. I'll serve soup and appetizers and have drinks for those who can come.

Christmas Day is at my IL's house and they have a dinner and I will contribute some side dishes. Its hard to do that b/c you never know what the oven situation will be so its best to have things already prepared to bring over. Cold or room temperature side dishes aren't the easiest thing to come by, but I quest. I will not make an uninteresting dish. I just can't do it. So I think I've found the solution. A leek and potato tart that can be served room temp and is oh so tasty. Then a salad. But not just any salad. It has to have stuff like field greens, craisins, walnuts and goat cheese. So even the easy things I make more difficult. ::shrug::

That brings me back to Christmas Eve...what do I make? I can't really do the real Italian 7 fishes thing, plus I'd be the only one eating oysters. I decide I want some wild mushroom and pecan soup. Again, I will probably be the only one eating the soup, so Mike suggests I just (GASP) buy the soup. Reluctantly I agree to buy the soup and then of course make another soup for good measure. I make a mean baked potato soup so I'll make that and serve it along side my (shhh) store bought soup. Then for the appetizers I think I'll make some phyllo dough wrapped asparagus and some shrimp and jalepeno something and some other stuff. I can't just make 1 thing. Mike thinks I should make 1 soup and 1 he new? He should know better than that by now. I'm thinking about having a signature drink. Some sort of cocktail for the night....What liquor says "Christmas" but isn't egg nog. There will be no drinking NOG in my house.

I go to the Whole Foods website and order my soup. Low and behold! They have Buche de Noel!!!! I add that to my order too. If it comes from Whole Foods you know it will be good. Speaking of dessert, I think I'll make a coconut and lemon bread to bring over to my IL's.

Oh and Christmas breakfast, I should make something special for that too...

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