Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Packing Peanuts

'Tis the seasons for packages arriving at your doorstep. Or hurled from 10 ft away and banging against your door letting you know its arrived. Today Raph shouted that the mail was here. I see the truck by the mailbox and get my jacket to go get the day's mail. As I'm walking towards the front door I see a large brown object go flying infront of the door and bang against it. wtf? The mailman literally THREW our package at the door.

Um, Merry Christmas?

I get the mail and the package. Much to my dismay I open the package to find packing peanuts. not just a few to stuff around the edges, but LOTS of peanuts. I carefully extract the inner box from the outer box and only spilled a few peanuts. VICTORY!!!

I take the inner box to the counter and open it to find yet MORE peanuts. Inside the inner box are four smaller boxes. I open those (no peanuts) and find some adorable personalized mugs. Marcella, Mike, Colin and RALPH. Sigh.

I hear a loud and laughing, "OH NO!" and go to the living room to find this.

It took me no less than 20 minutes to clean up the damn peanuts. The more I swept and scooped the more static electricity built up. Each time I'd get a full dust pan 70% of them would literally jump out of the pan and flee the box I was attempting to get them back into. They kept getting broken into smaller and smaller bits. Colin kept laughing and pulling more out. Raph was *helping* me clean up and asked what they were called. I told him they were packing peanuts.


Nice try. Back to work.

I did find an old spray can of static guard and that helped tame the jumpers and I got the majority of the peanuts back in the box. I'm still finding little broken peanut bits stuck to myself and my children.


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Erin said...

"But Mommy, I'm allergic to peanuts!" Haha! He's a smart one, that Raph.

What IS it with the electric cling power of those peanut pieces?? Do they run them through some Magical Electric Cling Machine or something?