Monday, December 15, 2008

Banishing the Sippy Cup

Colin, being so old and wise, has banished the sippy cup. He will have nothing to do with those *baby* cups and insists on open cups. He's perfectly adept at drinking from an open cup, its just the part that follows that's the problem. He inevitably dumps a cup of whatever he's drinking on the floor/table/blanket/brother when he's finished.

In the grand scheme of things there are bigger worries than some spilled milk but damn! He's a baby! He can't be drinking from open cups all willy nilly. Plus there are no open cups allowed in my car. In a vain attempt to preserve my upholstery and floors I bought some straw sippy cups. Nope. None doin'. He likes to rip the straw guard part off but not a fan of drinking from them.

I can only give him small amounts of liquid in each open cup, but this leads to another problem. Dolling out an ounce at a time is far from the preferred method of distribution. If you give him a full sippy cup he cries and throws himself on the floor...but not before throwing a full cup across the room. Often times this launching of cups causes the lid to pop off and then I have a bigger mess of a full cup of milk on the floor. So as it stands right now, open cup or no cup. He won't drink much these days and you have to worry about dehydration because he's just so independent and stubborn...wonder where he gets it?

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Erin said...

OH NO! That sounds, um, terrible. Not to exaggerate, but damn. That would be a serious pain. I really hope Emmett doesn't catch on to Cal's "big boy" cups. Wishful thinking?