Friday, January 2, 2009

He's nothing if not resourceful...

but damn this boys needs a helmet!
As you all know Colin is a climber, has no fear and as my FIL says, "He's not even playing with a half deck, its only a quarter deck." He's into climbing (duh) and moving furniture around to facilitate his climbing. He will scoot chairs around the house and use them to get at what he wants, like knives, the ice maker in the fridge door, the coffee pot, tissues and things in the pantry.

Today he moves a chair to the pantry to get at yet another applesauce cup. By the way, has a kid ever OD-ed on applesauce cups before? Just wondering. I decided to document his problem solving skills (I'm sure one day I will be grateful for this skill, maybe.) and here's the monkey at work.

Notice that Raph needed to take pictures of it too?

This went off without incident, but that was to change. I had the boys ready to go to the store and ran back to my room to get something. I come back to the living room and see the basement door is open and Raph is already downstairs. I see Colin on the steps and he's making his way down. No biggie, he goes up/down all the time but then something clicks in my mommy brain...

He's standing on the second step from the top, looking down the stairs, holding a blanket and a bear and not turning to go down on his belly. I spin around just in time to see him go end over end down the stairs and land on the tile at the bottom.

I run down the stairs and pick him up and he's still clutching his blanket and bear. He SCREAMS, naturally, for a good 30 seconds. Sniffles and then says, "Ball-BALL!" and gets down to play with the balls in the basement.

He just fell down a flight of stairs, landed on tile and within a minute is playing with toys? Did I mention he never dropped his blanket or bear? That takes skill!