Friday, March 27, 2009

Ridiculous is the best descriptor of me

I was talking to someone yesterday and she said, "Yeah ridiculous, that pretty much sums it up." I couldn't make this stuff up, really I couldn't. Especially when I'm pregnant. My OB even said that he'd love to be bored by me...but as it were, I'm very interesting.

Thus far in pregnancy number 3 I've had the following:

*Sub-chorionic hemorrhaging

*ridiculously large belly at a stupid early time

Shut up its not funny. I'm only 9 weeks in this picture and people were already asking boy or girl?

*started to feel the baby moving at about 10.5 weeks. Its my was the baby

*mopping the floor nearly cripples me. I'm not making that up. I can barely walk and need help getting off the couch if I mop the floor.

*contractions started at about 13 weeks

*self induced modified bedrest at 15 weeks b/c I am having just too many damn contractions

*waiting to see if I will start progesterone injections early b/c of aforementioned contractions

I haven't even gotten to the interesting parts of pregnancy yet so this should be fun. What's amazing to me is that though I have the most absurd things happen to me, they are never repeated. Each pregnancy is new and different...all except the 'cranky uterus' part. My doctor said it first. I have a cranky doesn't like being pregnant I don't think. I should sweet talk her more to make her less cranky.

Other stupid things that have happened to me:

*in Raph's pregnancy I had a full body itch. No rash just an unstoppable itch that moved all over my body. I went in for testing for a rare liver disorder...nope, just weird itching. It eventually went away on its own after about 2 months of nonstop itching

*in Colin's pregnancy I had stabbing back pains. After they became so bothersome that I talked to my doctor about them. I had a renal ultrasound to check for kidney stones...nope just a pregnancy induced enlarged valve or something. It eventually stopped when I had Colin.

*in Raph's pregnancy I would start crying and completely FREAK OUT on a moments notice b/c I was so hungry. I remember one time on a family trip to Galveston with my mom, sister and grandma in the car. I started crying, they crossed a busy street and made a crazy left turn to get me to a Jack-in-the-box so I could have some french fries RIGHT THEN!

*in Colin's pregnancy I had insomnia. Insomnia is bad in and of itself but when you are in your first trimester its a ring of hell. Its that time in pregnancy when you can barely lift your legs without panting and needing to rest. But to add insomnia on top of that? It was bad...real bad.

*in Colin's pregnancy I had morning sickness for 6 months. Enough said.

*in Raph's pregnancy I gained 10 lbs in one week. That was a sad dark day.

*in Colin's pregnancy I once measured 7 (seven) weeks ahead. Yes, seven.

*in Raph's pregnancy I had trice weekly appointments for a while. That was fun.

*in Colin's pregnancy I had to go to Labor and Delivery every other Wednesday night for 6 weeks. I knew the staff that worked Wednesdays very well.

*Raph was the biggest baby in the nursery and Colin was the biggest baby in the NICU.

*in Colin's pregnancy he kicked me so hard that he bruised me from the inside. That HURT.

*in Raph's pregnancy I scared prospective grad students with his full body rolls in utero. You should have seen the look of horror on that girls face. It was hilarious.

Throughout all the toils and tribulations of all of my pregnancies they have been very special, very wonderful and terrifying all at once. I wouldn't give any of it up b/c that's part of what made my boys who they are. You get a sense of their personality early on and you can feel their little head or bootie cupped in your hand when you hold your belly. You can grab a little foot if he pushes just a little too hard. This new baby started making himself known early on. Every night he moves around and kicks me to let me know he's ok...and stops as soon as Mike puts his hand on my belly. This kid has moxy. I love my boys. They enrich my life, Mike's life and anyone who is around them. I know they are MY boys but they are beautiful, talented and HILARIOUS. I expect this new baby to be no different. I look forward to meeting him, I guess I should add 'her' but I think its another boy, but just not too soon. Stay put little baby. We have plenty of time for seeing each other face to face later.

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Erin said...

Oh girl. I feel awful for you. But you seem to handle all that stress really well, and SOMEHOW with some humor. I'm thinking of you and really hoping that baby doesn't try to outdo her/his brothers.