Friday, April 24, 2009

2 shots in the butt and a cup of coffee

That's how I started my day. This morning was the first time Mike gave me my weekly injection. I felt so official getting everything ready for him, alcohol wipes, little vials of medicine and syringes. I did everything like I was supposed to, cleaned the vial off with a wipe. Used the GIANT needle to draw the medicine. Swapped out the needles for the injection. Got out another wipe to clean my skin and handed the syringe to Mike.

"You remember how to do this?"

"Yeeeees, I remember."

He makes a big production of squeezing my skin to find just the right spot. Cleans my skin, takes the cap off the syringes with his teeth like he's an old pro and then...


"Oh sorry."

He just stabbed me like he was playing darts in a bar! He then stabs me again and starts to give me the injection. The medicine is oil based so its thick and you have to give the injection very slowly to reduce the pain and potential swelling afterwards. He slooooowly starts putting the medicine in my body. It stings so I ask,

"Are you doing it slowly?"

"YES, I'm doing it just like she said to."

I start to feel woozy. And ask him how much is left.

"About a quarter, do you want me to do it fast?"

"NO! But I feel like I'm going to pass out!"

I start to get that ringing in my ears, get sweaty and my vision starts to blur.

As soon as he's finished I have him help me to the couch where everything goes dark. I did not actually pass out but came very close. That was fun. As I lay there sweating on the couch Mike tells me, "That is soooo not what I had in mind when playing doctor."

Smart ass.

He looks nice enough doesn't he?

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