Friday, June 26, 2009

Night and Day

It never ceases to amaze me just how different my boys are. How they could have been born of the same parents and lived under the same roof, yet act so completely different truly is amazing. Nature vs Nurture doesn't stand a chance in this scenario. Its alllll about Nature.

Raph is my shy, quiet, cautious, empathetic, environmentalist vegan. Colin is my bold, loud, wild, daring carnivore. Raph will make your ears bleed with the unending train of thought that automatically comes from his mouth. Colin will just fill the void with random noises usually at high decibels. He doesn't feel the need to learn as many words because he's too busy doing.

Consequently, Raph is becoming more daring since Colin has joined our family. Raph was the toddler who would yell at neighbor kids that they were riding their bikes too fast. Or would would yell at the Hell's Angel on his Harley next to us at a stop light that he needed to be more careful. (Maybe he doesn't have some daring in him after all...) Then once Colin came onto the scene and started becoming mobile he started climbing. Raph would watch in horror as this *baby* was climbing chairs/couches/cabinets/ladders. Not to be outdone by his BABY brother Raph has stepped it up and gone outside his comfort zone. He will now climb trees and hang from tall things and jump off of couches. Even if Colin isn't quite big enough yet, that will never stop him from trying to one up his big brother.

Here Colin is slapping Raph's belly yelling "BODY!" Read: Baby

Raph is very sweet to his brother and lets Colin climb all over him. Then when he gets tired of it pushes him onto the floor like any self-respecting older sibling would do. Colin falls with a thud, grunts and gets right back up on top of Raph. Usually someone ends up crying but more often than not its Raph because Colin is abusing him again.

With food Raph is vegan by default. He can't have milk or egg and doesn't eat meat (except for the occasional Mc Donald's chicken nugget). Colin won't eat veggies but will gnaw on barbecued chicken on the bone with glee. Raph just kind of looks at him with disgust and maybe a hint of horror as Colin smears his face and arms with barbecue sauce and talks about bones.

Raph eating his barbecue meat please.

Colin happily gnawing on chicken and pops up now and then to say, "Bones! Mama."

For all their differences they do share some endearing qualities. They both have a sense of humor that became apparent even as babies. They got a double shot of the smart ass gene so you sort of expect that trait to have become prominent. They are ridiculous flirts and will pick out the prettiest woman in the room and make her smile, laugh and coo. Raph was recently teased by his uncles for 'checking a girl out'. He did a total up and down look at a pretty woman at a restaurant. Raph says in true man form, "What? I was just lookin'." They have both have *girlfriends* (yes that's plural because why stop with just one?) at school and usually they are the most precocious and adorable girls in the class. They are both silly and sweet and love their family and each other. I am proud of my boys and everything that they have become...but slightly terrified of what they will be like as teenagers. Mike says he's starting a bail fund for Colin now, but Raph will be able to talk his way out of any trouble that he may get into. I swear that boy can find a loophole in any situation...Colin will just head butt someone and then take his girl without spilling his beer.

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