Friday, July 3, 2009

Fun Fact Friday

I'm stealing this idea from Erin ( ) because its the perfect type of post for me today.

*I am 29 weeks pregnant and I've already made not one but TWO trips to Labor and Delivery. The fun just doesn't stop!

*Yesterday I had a moment where you feel like you do when you take your car in for an oil change and the service manager tells you that you need new brakes. That was me at my OB's office yesterday. I went in for stabbing pain in my side and came out with contractions every 4 minutes, a steroid shot in the butt, prescription to stop contractions and a doctor who keeps telling me that boring is GOOD. I try, I try, really I do.

* I am currently on 4 different prescriptions to keep this baby in and healthy, plus one to manage side effects. Awesome.

*Colin has a new found obsession with squeezing his nose closed and saying, "Ewwww kunk poop!" Somehow a Curious George episode about a skunk spraying George got turned into a skunk pooping on George. He will proclaim "KUNK POOP!" then cackle his little goofy head off.
*Raph inherited my crazy dream gene. Each morning he will recount his convoluted weird ass dreams to me and laugh at how silly they are. Last night's dream included multicolored dogs, squirrels, guinea pigs and Raph all in some sort of bounce house.

*In less than 2 weeks my baby boy is going on his first trip with Nana. He will be spending a week in Yellowstone with his Nana and cousin Jenna. He's about to implode with anticipation. He will have such a great time while he's there but we will miss him.

*Colin still likes to have people call him a baby duck. And if he's extra special that day a "cue body duck" because he is about as cute as a baby duck.

*Normally I'm really annoyed when stores start putting school supplies out in JUNE but this year I am grateful. (See first few bullet points) We already got Raph's new Transformers lunch box and thermos. He is beyond excited for Kindergarten to start in August. My only hope is that I am able to be with him on that momentous day and not in a hospital. Timing is everything and the arrival of this new baby girl couldn't be at a more inopportune time.

*Colin has a girlfriend at school named Bella. There has never been a more appropriate name for a little girl because every time you see her you just want to say, "Awww che bella!" She's beautiful, even as a newborn she was quite striking.

*My grandparents recently celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary. We should all be so luck, happy, healthy and loved as those two. My grandpa wanted me to tell Mike, " I've been married for 62 years. Keep that in mind because you've got a loooooong road ahead of you." I think had my grandma been within ear shot she would have smacked him for that.

*Both my boys have a hording tendency when it comes to stuffed animals. Really I'm not sure how they sleep with so many animals in their bed nor how they continue to want more. I recently got a gift of a stuffed animal for the new baby. They have fought over that stuffed animal and its not even for them. I hope this baby has a strong grip because she's got two baby stealers in the house.

*Raph completed his first research project and presentation this week. He had to research Italy and present his findings to his class. It was so much fun teaching him and watching him make his own conclusions on the topic. A boy after my own heart enjoyed the artists. Did you know Michelangelo, Leonardo, Donatello and Raphael aren't just Ninja Turtles? Oh and Raph's favorite picture on the Sistine Chapel ceiling was the Temptation and Expulsion of Adam and Eve. Or as Raph puts it, "You know, the one where they are all naked." He must not have looked closely at the rest of the ceiling because clothing items are few and far between.

*Playing on our bed is one of the boys' favorite activities. Colin will taunt you with, "Na-na. Boo." and then they fall over and hide under covers and laugh themselves silly. Who knew a bed could be so much fun?

*Happy Fourth of July. Enjoy some BBQ, fireworks and try not to burn anything down!

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