Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Because I don't have enough to do

I feel like I'm nesting again. I have a sense of urgency and manic disorder in my life. I keep starting and not finishing projects. Not just small things but really really big things. I have 3 color swatches up on my living room wall. I made a bunch of birth announcements by hand and sent them out but I still have to make more and send the next round out. I made Baptismal invitation announcements and mailed those out. I've been sorting through old files on my computer in attempt to get them loaded onto my new computer. I do have to return that work computer someday soon ya know. I've started cleaning out closets. Cleaning my office at home. Refinancing our house. Culling through the glut of random and broken toys in the boys' rooms...when they aren't home of course. Learning how to cook new and interesting foods. Quest for the best grocery deals for the week. Stay on top of laundry so my baby doesn't go naked after she projectile poops on things. Be on time to drop off and pick up my boys' at school, sports practices and doctors appointments. Plan for out of town guests. Make daunting lists of things that I want done NOW. Like regrouting my bathroom or hanging pictures. Colin is the only kid in his preschool class with no family photo collage on the wall. Oh yeah and I have a newborn and I'm still achy from surgery. Ya big deal.

In the mean time I am in love with this sweet baby girl of mine. Isn't she cute? Not so cute when she won't sleep but I digress.

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Erin said...

Oh my goodness. She is so beautiful. And I see so much of RAPH in her. Especially around the mouth, I think?

Awesome pics. Are you enjoying the new camera now that you have a subject who will sit still for you?