Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Let us FEAST!

Ahhh Thanksgiving. The holiday invented to revolve around gluttony. Its an American tradition! This week both boys had "feasts" at their schools. I didn't get to go to Colin's feast but everyone brought fruit. I think that means they feasted on fruit salad. My kids can tear up a fruit salad and I will be bringing one to our Thanksgiving dinner.

Raph's feast was more along the lines of a Peanuts' feast. You know, how Snoopy and Woodstock doll out buttered toast and popcorn? It was really cute to see all these little kids dressed as Pilgrims or Indians gathered around the table for a feast of jello, turkey sandwiches and popcorn. Some of the kids complained about the carrot and celery sticks not having a dip. They didn't eat them b/c they were too "bland". Interesting word choice for a 5 year old.

Holiday meals are always a problem for Raph. Poor kid can't or won't eat most everything that would be on a menu for Thanksgiving. Turkey? Nope. Stuffing? Are you kidding? Potatoes with gravy? Aside from the milk factor...no way in hell. Pumpkin pie will make him sick but he does love him some vegan tofu pumpkin pie. So every family dinner at the grandparents' house leaves us to question what will he eat? Usually someone will make a side of plain noodles. I swear that boy will eat plain noodles every day of the week and never tire of them.

When I'm consumed with utter frustration and despair over the lack of diversity in his diet I have to always remind myself about my mom's favorite Cella story. When I was little I would only eat white and yellow things. You know, PLAIN NOODLES, cheese, cheerios, bananas, corn and milk. All very diverse and vitamin rich...not. Then one time we are at Possum Kingdom Lake (yes that's how its spelled) and all we had to eat was fried chicken. I refused to eat it b/c it was brown, not white or yellow. I was STARVING and crying. My parents did something that if it were witnessed these days someone would have surely called CPS. They pinned me down, pried open my mouth and shoved in a piece of fried chicken. Low and behold I loved it. At that point I started to broaden my horizons on food, albeit slowly.

When I think of Raph and his noodles I just remind myself that I turned out mostly ok and will eat pretty much anything now. I do, however, draw the line and animal organs and squid b/c that's just nasty. While everyone else is enjoying their turkey with all the trimmings Raph will be happily eating his noodles and tofu pie. That is, of course, unless I decide to continue the family tradition of pinning a starving child down and forcing him to eat meat. Mwahahahahaa.

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