Thursday, November 5, 2009

My baby has purple limbs

Seriously, what is wrong with my children? I actually had to call my ped today b/c Heidi keeps turning purple. I let it go for a few days and attributed it to she's a baby and they do weird things. It kept happening so I just couldn't NOT call. Last night I noticed her hands were REALLY purple. I took her clothes off and her arms, legs, feet and torso were all dark purple. She wasn't cold, nothing was tight, she was squirmy and happy...just purple. Sigh.

At her doctor's appt the ped asked, "Now which one had purple arms before? Colin?" Yep that was Colin. We discussed how hers are different: She doesn't have a purple farmer's tan, she hasn't been sick and its just weirder. Stumped she tells me, "That's just weird. Honestly I wouldn't even know what to test. I'm going to call a doctor I know at Children's and ask him. He knows lots of weird stuff about weird stuff. She's an enigma."

All we know is that her heart sounds fine, her chest xrays from the NICU showed a normal sized heart, she's perfectly happy and normal in every other way but just turns a lovely shade of purple now and then. Paging Dr. House, we need your assistance.

Edit: We have a diagnosis. The helpful doctors in the Diagnostic Center at Children's talked to my ped. It seems Heidi has a benign condition that is a spasm of the vascular system. It seems her blood vessels to constrict and that makes her skin look purple. It resolves itself pretty quickly so its not a big deal and she will outgrow it. We just need to make sure she doesn't get cold (duh) and call them if something changes. The doctors said its more common in babies that were born early though they have no idea why its just now presenting itself. I think she just REALLY wanted to be part of the blog in the truest sense. So there you have it, she's just fancy and likes purple. My ped said she felt like it had to be something minor since she's just a normal, healthy, fat baby but couldn't just ignore it without consulting another doctor. I like when doctors are willing to admit that they don't know everything and seek the opinions of their peers until they can come up with an answer. For this I am grateful and feel that much more confident in her abilities as a doctor.

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Erin said...

Seriously, that is CRAZY. It's obviously a great sign that she's healthy and all, but you could stand a break from teh worry, huh? Hope you get an answer soon. And let us know!