Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How can someone soooo cute

be just so damned naughty? Seriously? It must be a self defense mechanism for self preservation that 2 yr olds are so cute. If they weren't cute you'd surely lock them outside or drop them off at QuikTrip.

Currently Colin is in time out on the step behind me. You see he was just hitting Raph over the head with part of the Little People Nativity Set. I'm pretty sure Baby Jesus would NOT approve of this behavior. Every time I turn around he's either scooted away from said step or climbed up on the railing, poised, waiting for me to notice.

He is such a beating to discipline these days but that boy has his moments of complete and total sweetness. I enjoy waking him up every day, twice a day. I start by tickling his feet, or his neck or his back. He pretends to keep sleeping and I tickle a little more until he can't contain his laughing any longer. Then the wiggling, tickling, giggling sweetness goes full force.

He is a sweet boy when he wants to be...its just that those moments are far outweighed by the naughty glint in his eye.

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