Friday, March 5, 2010

I knew you before you were born

People often speculate about their child's personality while they are in utero. Usually a joke about how they will be a soccer super star because of all the kicking. I always thought that comparison was annoying because all babies kick. I would too if I was smashed into a ball for months, but that's besides the point. I'm talking about real and true personality traits based on how the pregnancy went. I was thinking about this as I rocked Heidi the other night. I was surprised at how similar my children's personalities are to their pregnancies. Kinda spookie...

Sneak Attack:

Raph's pregnancy I would categorize as a sneak attack. It was all fine and happy and good then BAM! I was in Labor and Delivery, given lots of medicines and had thrice weekly appointments while on bed rest. Sneaky. We joke that Colin has no fuse and Raph has a really long fuse. It takes a lot but when he blows he BLOWS.

Like his pregnancy Raph is pretty mild mannered. Nothing too extreme, easy to handle and then out of no where there is an explosion of epic proportion. I went from a happy, albeit large, normal pregnant lady to someone on bed rest and terrified of having a baby way too early. Then I kept him in so long he needed to be forcibly evicted via pitocin.

Raph is like this in many ways. We can be riding along in the car and talking. Then for some reason he doesn't like that Colin is talking at the same time and he starts yelling and crying because Colin won't let him talk. HUH? Once he had this square plastic water bottle. He kept it in his bed in case he needed a drink of water at night. Colin dumped it out while he watched and laughed. I took the square bottle and put it in the recycle. If you can't take care of it you lose the water-in-bed-privilege. That was fine until he went to bed that night and noticed it was gone. He went on a screaming-until-you-get-hoarse tirade about how I was so mean and he wanted his square bottle. Right. Now. He was literally screaming about a stupid square bottle for a good 45 minutes. Amazing. Just when you are least expecting it something epic happens and knocks you off your feet.

Just Plain Crazy:

Colin's pregnancy just got to the point of absurdity because you just never knew what was going to happen next. 6 months of morning sickness where you throw up daily yet gain excessive amounts of weight. Random bleeding through out. I could feel baby kicks starting at about 9 weeks. Just when the morning sickness went away I had stabbing pains in my side due to some enlarged kidney valve. Debilitating killer pains in my legs. Heartburn so bad it left me in tears even on prescription medication. At one point I measured 7 weeks ahead. Even earlier preterm labor and then my water breaking at 34 weeks. You just really never knew what was going to happen next. When I was so sick in the beginning I told the nurse that I thought the baby was front loading the pregnancy with trouble but he'd be better later. With a knowing smile she just said, "Sure he will honey". Then when things were bad at the end of pregnancy I told the nurse that he was just getting it out during my pregnancy and would be an angel once he was born. Again, with a knowing smile she said, "Sure he will honey."

Have you met Colin? He wasn't getting it out of his system, that's just the way he is. He's just kind of crazy and you never really know what he's going to do next. Even when he was in the NICU he was unpredictable. Just when you thought he was going to get to come home he'd get drastically worse over night and require another 5 days in the hospital and some extra monitoring at home.

As an older baby he was just a little crazy. He randomly stopped eating all food for about a month and a half. Or that time he just completely stopped talking for three months. Or that time he got chicken pox from the vaccine and caused Infectious Disease Control to call me from the hospital because he contaminated the entire surgical floor of Children's Hospital. Or that time his arms and legs turned purple (hence the name of my blog) several times a day for 2 months. Or that he could climb anything and everything. He can get into everything and has no fear and I'm fairly certain is lacking some of his pain sensors. Seriously, I saw him run head first into a brick wall and just grunt. Once Raph said that the one thing he wanted for Christmas was something Santa couldn't bring...for Colin to not be so crazy.

High Maintenance:

Heidi was dubbed High Maintenance Heidi by a Neonatologist when she was just one day old. You know, its true and so was her pregnancy. She just always needs a little extra handling. Nothing too drastic but just a little extra care. I needed more medicines, more trips to L&D, more extra doctor appointments and just more worry. I was just a little bit of a basket case...just a little bit. How could I not be?

Ever since Heidi has been born she needs extra attention. She had the entire NICU staff drawing curtains, turning off lights and whispering just so she didn't get disturbed. Even with all that she needed a wash cloth over her eyes (seriously) and an extra bean bag weight on her at all times. I mean, she was born pouting! She had that bottom lip sticking out. Everyone in the OR said Mike had better watch out because she already knew what to do with that lip.

Now, maybe its self defense because if she gets put down for too long she might get tackled. Or maybe its because she's smart and knows she's cute and a little sqwaking goes a long way towards getting attention. Plus, Refusing to go to sleep and waking up at night 5,000 times gets extra mommy time. She makes you slow down and take your time with her. She's a good, sweet baby but needs a bit more than the boys did. Its not bad, just different...and more. She's my last baby so she's entitled to that right? But in the end I will quote that doctor who labeled her from the start. She said with a hand to her forehead in drama queen fashion, "I'm Heidi, I was early, I'm havin' a hard time. Now I'm just showin' you what Heidi's all about!" Indeed she does have a flare for the dramatic.