Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Suzie Homemaker Plan

I'm adjusting to being a SAHM in my own time. I've stopped fighting the daily battle of making it something its not and accepting it for what it is. Sounds vague but that was a huge turning point for me. I've started enjoying my kids more and my blood pressure is at an acceptable level again. Not to say I don't have my moments...I have 3 kids 6 and under so yeah, my blood will still boil at times.

I have been so frustrated because I flit around from project to project and never fully complete things. I have rooms half organized or things tossed to the side, etc. I feel like my wheels are spinning and nothing is ever really accomplished. So, I came up with a plan. I made a series of lists. At the top of each page is a room and then below it I wrote down all the things I would love to have done in said room. I did the whole house (minus the bedrooms). Its daunting to see just how much I would love to have completed BUT if I consolidate my efforts I can work on one room at a time. Once that room is complete, then I move on to another room. Repeat until death or I move, whichever comes first. HA!

I think I can realistically get most rooms complete in a week. Some bigger projects two weeks if it requires much painting. I hate looking at my bathroom and seeing ugly caulk that needs replacing and a disorganized laundry room. But, if I had a whole week to spend on my bathroom...I could clean it like its never been cleaned before and re-caulk the shower. I'd love to gut the whole space but that's not realistic at this point so I have to make it most appealing to me with minimal money spent.

Most of these projects require NO money at all, just concentrated work on my part. I do need to paint some stuff but I'm going to put those rooms off until Memorial Day because there are usually paint rebates then. Behr paint is spendy so if I can save $15 I'll wait a bit. Its not like I don't have 8 million other projects to do in the interim.
Its like he's smirking at me and saying, "Yeah right MOM.
You do remember I live here don't you? Mwahahahaha."
One project I want to do is repaint my laundry room. I have an extra gallon of clown puke blue paint from Colin's room. I think I'm going to buy some cheap white paint, cut the blue and mix a pale blue color and use that for the laundry room. Its a neon yellow (wtf??) right now and it screams at you. I don't like screaming colors and I have blue paint. Problem solved. Then I saw this earlier in the week. I want Mike to make two of these for me to hang in our laundry room. I have to hang cloth diapers on Mike's weight bench (which just needs to go because no one uses it). An actual drying rack would be delightful!

This will also get projects that have been hanging over my head out of my life and off my shoulders. Its mental clutter...you know all those, "Oh I really should do _____." Like finishing the paint in the sunroom. I really only need to touch up a few spots and repaint the door. Should not take long at all. Every time I walk into that room I have a pang of guilt that I have not yet finished the painting. Or repainting the ceiling of my kitchen (and master bathroom) that I should have repainted almost 3 years ago.

I feel lighter already. Now I just have to figure out which project to tackle first. I'm fighting the urge to do a couple random things in a couple different rooms. I want the first room to be quick and painless-ish so that I can say, "SEE! I finished a whole room already!" Then I can build up momentum and finish my mammoth list in record time. Oh and feed the kids and bathe sometimes too.
She really is sweetness and light isn't she?

Thoughts? Do you have a Susie Homemaker Plan of your own?
BTW, my mom gave me a gift from the "Susie Homemaker Santa" at Christmas. It was a subscription to Real Simple. As if anything in my current life is real simple but I do enjoy the pretty pictures and the yummy foods my kids would never in a million years eat!

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