Tuesday, July 13, 2010

When it clicks

It just clicks. Raph has had one of those 'Ah- HA!' moments recently when it comes to swimming. At the beginning of the summer he started swim classes and was on the verge of being dropped down a level. They did a skills test on the first day and his teacher raised an eyebrow when he said, "Now, put your whole head under water." Raph's face went under water for a millisecond ::dip:: then he immediately hopped out of the pool, wiped his eyes on a towel and went back to sit on the step. Oy.

He has come a LOOOONG way since then. Today I watched him jump off the diving board at my mom's house and swim the length of the pool. Totally unassisted. My mom was in the middle of the pool waiting for him and he swam around her so that he could do the whole length. Amazing.
The process has been quite impressive. A few weeks ago, after swim lessons were over, I bought him a pair of goggles. I didn't want them to be used as a crutch during his lessons so we waited. He put the goggles on and swam under water. His little Dumbo's feather got him over that fear and he could swim. He couldn't continue to swim unless he stood up, wiped his eyes and took a breath. I knew once he figured out how to take a breath without standing he would be golden. Today that little light bulb went off and he knew how to swim, take a breath and continue swimming. His form could use some work because he does look like a half drowning dog but I think that's to be expected.

Too bad that little light bulb didn't go off last week...you know, before Mike had to jump in the pool to rescue him and drowning his Blackberry in the process. Details, details.

Oh and get this, he can totally do a front and back flip in the water. Did so on the first try, much to the chagrin of his older cousin :)

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Erin said...

Yay Raph! That's really awesome. I love watching my boys learn to swim. It's so rewarding when they get it. And it looks like Raph really gets it now!

Goggles were similar for Cal. When he put them on two weeks ago, he instantly dove to the bottom to retrieve his sunk toys. Which saves me a lot of trouble, trying to reach the floor of a the pool with a baby in my arms.