Friday, March 18, 2011


I've had not one but two people tell me this week how they are amazed that I have everything so together. Um, whaaaaa? I feel like my life is in a constant state of near chaos. If it were total chaos I'd probably just give up and end up on an episode of "Cops". I am having one of those months where I feel like I'm getting only the bare minimum done. My house is in disarray, we have odd meals based on left overs and random things in the freezer. My kids some how end up getting to do cool stuff like go to the park daily (thank you mother nature for actually getting spring going) and have birthday parties. Its Spring Break this week so naturally I can really get NOTHING done because I have all three kids home all day.

Part of the reason my life is the way it is currently is because I was doing this for a week with Mike. Now we are both paying dearly for that serene bliss...

Yesterday I was ambitious and planned ahead and thought I would take the kids to the zoo after Colin's gymnastics class. I have the car loaded with snacks and we leave right after his class. Then I get stuck in traffic. Then I notice everyone around me is wearing green hats and beads. I knew it was St. Patrick's Day I just didn't remember that the biggest parade is ON St Patrick's Day and its in the neighborhood next to the zoo. Silly me, I still attempted to make it into the park. I get in this maddening traffic jam filled with rude people. Colin starts whining. When he does this particular whine he's not talking but making noises that sound like someones inflicting great pain and he just moans. It might possibly be the most annoying sound in the world.

After we'd been in the car for almost an hour (trip shouldn't have taken more than 15 min to get to the zoo, park and unload) I abandon the idea of the zoo and turn around to go to a park. Enter the screaming Colin. He screamed until he fell asleep...20 minutes. I get to the park and find there are men using heavy machinery to distribute stinking mulch/compost around the perimeter. We go to the next park and its jam packed with feral children and mommys who ignore them. And one little girl told me I needed to clip my fingernails. At that point I nearly started crying. Then my kids start complaining because they are starving. ::beats head against the wall::

After the park we come home and make lunch. I get the little ones in bed. Colin slept for about 20 minutes and Heidi never fell asleep since she slept through the traffic jam. Lovely.

I'm not really sure what they were doing but my neighbor across the street was laughing at them as he loaded his truck.

During "nap time" I remembered that Raph has not read a single book since probably last Wednesday. He's supposed to read daily and keep a log of his books...yeah, his is empty. I feel delinquent this week. I had the idea that I would take the kids to the zoo today even though its not going to be particularly awesome weather. That was until I was up in the middle of the night for over an hour with a hideous allergy attack. I looked on and they had a huge banner that was a blinking alert: VERY HIGH levels of Juniper tomorrow. Scratch the zoo we are staying INSIDE and I'm doing laundry. I already want to tear my face off, I'm not subjecting myself to a day of torture outside. Plus we have to go to the ENT in the afternoon...with all three keeps during arsenic hours. Pray for me!

Heidi attempted to follow in their footsteps but didn't quite know what they were doing. I kind of feel the way she looks in this picture.

Oh and one more gem for the day. Raph had Taekwondo and before class the kids all run around like maniacs. Colin always joins in the game and last night Heidi did too. It was so cute to see her little stubby legs running as fast as they could take her and try and keep up with the big kids. At some point Colin and Raph knocked her over. She was fine and this happens about 27 times a day. After the teacher had the kids all line up she gave them a lecture about watching out for little kids and how she was disappointed in them. ::hangs head in shame:: I got a group of little kids in trouble b/c my kids are maniacs. Sorry guys!

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Erin said...

But you are obviously doing awesome, despite how it feels to you. Look at those beauties! They are wild and happy and being children. Which means they're also driving you insane.

Also, how can Heidi KEEP GETTING CUTER?