Monday, March 28, 2011

This is why I get nothing done

Well, one of the reasons anyway. You see, I'm restless stay at home mom. I need to do 'more' and it usually doesn't involve 'more' in the form of bathroom cleaning. Nope, its 'more' in the shape of outrageously huge projects that I take on in the spur of the moment.

Last year for Raph's birthday I decided that I would be a cake decorator. Three days before his party I came up with a plan to make a Leprechaun Hat Cake. Raph was excited and I was delusional. It didn't stop me and I produced a pretty cool cake.

The top layer was divine chocolate cake with Kahlua ganache and decorated with buttercream and chocolate coins

Naturally, Colin wanted a cake. I led him in the direction of a Fire Truck Cake. I even braved a box of rolled fondant for this one and it made me so mad. That cake just would not look the way I wanted it to look. Colin thought it was the coolest thing ever but I was unhappy with it. See, I'm restless and I just couldn't stop fiddling with it.

The front part was red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and the caboose was chocolate of some sort (I forget). It was decorated with buttercream, rolled fondant, gum drops, liquorice and chocolate donuts

Then came Heidi's birthday and she was diagnosed with multiple food allergies but by God I wasn't going to have my baby go without a cake on her first birthday. I searched and found a gluten free, vegan cake recipe...and it was good. She matched her Hippo Heidi Cake and it was adorable.

Bottom layer was Mexican chocolate with Kahlua ganache, middle layer was golden coconut with lemon frosting and the top layer was a layer of each. It was decorated with rolled fondant and the hippo's tutu was a fruit by the foot. All was gluten free and vegan.

January of this year rolls around and the boys start discussing their cake plans. We did google image searches and got ideas. They found a totally bad ass dragon cake they wanted me to make but I had to veto that cake. It was cool but I would surely need a straight jacket before I finished anything of that magnitude. Raph decided on a Phineas and Ferb Backyard Beach cake. I had to make this one for this bowling party and let me tell you is not easy to transport a tiered cake! It weathered the drive to the party and all his friends thought it was awesome. There was a moment of fighting over the Perry the Platypus surfboard but I decided no one gets it and that's that.

Top layer was a domed Mexican chocolate cake with Kahlua ganache and the bottom layer was French Vanilla with buttercream. It was decorated with the buttercream, rolled fondant, brown sugar and Swedish fish. Top layer was gluten free and vegan.

Colin's request was simple and by simple I mean very very vague. He wanted a Blue Doggie Cake. Um, okaaaay. I thought about this one over and over and came up with a plan that involved moulded chocolate dog houses and dog bones. He loved it and it was a hot mess but that's OK.

I got tired of vanilla and chocolate so I changed things up. Top layer was coconut cake with vegan "butter"cream. Bottom layer was a S'mores cake (graham cracker cake, fluff filling that you can see dripping on the table and chocolate glaze). It was decorated with rolled fondant, "butter"cream, graham cracker dog bones and a moulded chocolate dog house.

Now...I have a few months to plan for Heidi's creation. Its expected at this point so I have to plan ahead. Its a huge time suck but the kids absolutely love it. Its far cooler to have Mommy make a cake *just* how you want it and in 3D than it is to pick one up from the bakery with those weird edible screen prints. Plus, I don't know of many gluten free and vegan bakeries so anything for Heidi must be homemade. That's OK, I don't mind the work all that much except when I'm cursing fondant. This is something I can give them that they will always remember. Isn't that the job of a restless stay at home mom? Making memories.

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Erin said...

Incredible. Seriously. These are so awesome.

I had never heard of fondant before and still have no idea what it is. I suspect is it far beyond my skilz.

I think this cake baking is fufilling a part of that artist inside you.