Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It doesn't take much

Note that my last post was almost a month ago bragging about how I was on a roll. Well, I've skidded to a halt and fell in a ditch. Its amazing to me how quickly things can unravel. Before you can blink you have nothing to make for dinner, the house is a disaster and the laundry basket is so overflowing that you need to climb over it to get to your bathroom. Oh and the bathroom sink is clogged. At some point you even feel like its OK to let your daughter wear a day old whale spout and the back of her hair is a frizzy poof. And this next thing makes me hang my head in kids have eaten McDonald's 3 times in the last week. For SHAME! Ugh.

That said, I have a pretty valid excuse, I did have surgery. Nothing major mind you but it doesn't take much to get this partial oil semi-smooth running machine fall all to shit.

At times like these I tend to triage my life.
*Laundry comes first. Sometimes you really have to go back to basics and remember you need clean undies.
*Food can come in daily doses, via a take out window (shame) or creative thinking in the kitchen (brilliance!).
*Make the kids pull their weight. I have forced this issue with greater authority this past week. You MUST clean up the living room. I cannot handle a shit pile in my living room looking at me, judging me, making my skin crawl and making me painfully pick up things that are not mine. Bedrooms and made beds can wait. I don't see those constantly.
*I cleaned off the counter tops in the kitchen yesterday. I felt so much better. Then cleaned off my desk. Those two areas get out of control rather quickly and grate on my last nerve.
*Clean up mental clutter if its easy. I have needed to make doctor appointments for both Raph and Colin. I just sat down and did it one day. 5 minutes later those tasks were done and that was off my shoulders. If its easy JUST DO IT and it will go away.

Everything else can wait. Sometimes you just have to take naps, enjoy Easter, a narcotic haze and wear yoga pants, though, it seems French women don't wear them. But when you can't wear a waistband because your belly button still hurts...screw the French and their fancy clothes. Speaking of Easter...I did go to Mass and wore a very nice dress. Someone asked me when I was due. So not cool. I bet French women don't do that either.

Even in my weakened state I managed to pull this hot mess of a cake together. Feast your eyes on the Almond Joy Cake. Mmmm

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