Friday, April 29, 2011

Mom Style

What's my style? Hmmm....

There is no question that I love shoes. I am a self proclaimed shoe whore and damn proud of it. I like clothes and I really like dresses. That said, I am now a stay-at-home-mom. I don't go to work and get to plan cute outfits. I have an adorable pencil skirt I bought about 10 years ago (yes it still fits thankyouverymuch) that I love. Bending over at the park and wiping snot off of noses and pencil skirts don't mix. At all. I have the opportunity to go out now and then...emphasis on *then*...but those nights are few and far between. I love those opportunities to dress up. I'm sure my husband does as well considering on any given day he sees me in a t-shirt and jeans or jammie pants.

Who says you can't wear a pregnant bridesmaid dress more than once?! FYI, That's Heidi in the belly. And I have no idea why I look scared.

I go through phases of wanting to look nice and other times get a serious case of the "fuck its". How do you reconcile those two worlds? How do you marry form and function. There has got to be some middle ground between the stilettos with a pencil skirt and yoga pants and a tank top.
In my last post I sited the article that proclaims the French women as our model in terms of fashion. I've been wrestling with this beast in my head for a while then I read the article. Its true. I don't need to wear yoga pants, how lazy can you be? I try to at least wear jeans when I go out, the immediately put on comfy pants when I get home. But, I can do better.

Anyone who says you can't be massively pregnant and sexy at the same time is wrong. I wore this skin tight tube of a dress with a gianormous belly and stilettos. This is one of those times where you just say, "Dammit I WILL look good and ignore how badly my feet hurt." BTW, that's Colin in the belly in case you were wondering.

When I worked and I was having a bad day where I just felt bleck I would dress up. I would go to work in a dress or skirt and rock a pair of stilettos. Everyone would comment on how great I looked and I would start to perk up. Sometimes its best to fake it and you start to feel how you look. If you look like a rumpled pile everyday then soon you will feel like a rumpled pile all the time. Plus Heidi is always so adorable in her hair pretties and cute outfits. I don't want to have this BABY whom everyone calls a fashionista and then be a slop of a mom. That would truly be living vicariously through your child. ::shudder::

See what I have to work with? MUST be machine washable.

Recently, I went through my closet slash and burn style. I got rid of at least half of the things in there. I, like most people, have a full closet yet nothing to wear. Funny how that happens huh? I got rid of things I haven't worn in a long time, I don't like or don't fit. I have a bare bones type of closet but that's good. Now that my waist line is going to likely stay roughly the same size for the foreseeable future I want to start building a real wardrobe. Its hard to have a good wardrobe when you are constantly gaining and losing weight. Even foundations like bras are in flux when you are pregnant or nursing. I feel like I'm on my own, less glamorous version of "What Not to Wear". While I would LOVE to go shopping with Stacey and Clinton I am thankfully not as bad as their befores.

I can't be too bad off right? I actually own this Dolce and Gabbana cocktail dress and the killer Badgley Mischka shoes. If you could marry shoes I would totally marry these 4in wearable pieces of art.

This is not to say you won't ever catch me in gym shorts or yoga pants but I am making an effort to look better on a regular basis. I'd like to think Heidi will look back on me as a stylish young mom for whom she'd like to emulate. If you look good, you feel good and you project confidence. I don't want to project schlump. I can look nice regularly with a basic wardrobe and a little tiny bit of effort. Anyway, shoes make the outfit and we all know I have shoes!

Yeah, I'm never in pictures unless there is occasion so this is what I have to work with. Like I said, I always want to buy more dresses. Note the! They are so neutral and versatile!

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