Monday, May 2, 2011

Its May! A new month and a chance to start over

I've tried to get a regular food menu going and a regular budget adhered to but I always fall short. Its a new month so I start over and will probably screw it up by Thursday. I can dream can't I?

Menu for the week:

Sunday: Buffalo chicken sandwiches and fries

Monday: Brinner (sausage and sweet potato hash for the adults, sausage and pancakes and fruit for kids)

Tuesday: Pear and Prosciutto pizza

Wednesday: Spiced Steak and Grilled Polenta

Thursday (Cinco de Mayo): Fajitas with left over steak

Friday: BLT night

Looks like we are hosting a graduation party on Saturday. Its also Derby day so I think that will be a whole other planning situation. I think I might make everyone wear hats. I want to go to the Derby and wear a giant hat. I would say drink some Mint Juleps but I hate whiskey so something else minty...maybe a mojito instead. Nothing says Derby like a Mojita right?

If I'm having a party I need to make a cake. Hmmmm, what type of horsey graduation cake can I come up with?
Look who's brave and will pet a big giant Clydesdale?

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