Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Big doin's

Yesterday Raph had an appointment with our allergist. Not just any appointment. THE appointment. He had a milk challenge. For those of you not versed in the world of food allergies a milk challenge is when you think a person has outgrown an allergy so you feed said person small amounts of the allergen and wait for a reaction...or no reaction. We've done this before and each time we though "this will be the day". Yesterday we really really though this would be it but you never can be sure with food allergies.

Well, it was The Day. Raph choked down a total of about 8 oz of milk and he swears he's never going to drink it again. BUT he had no reaction at all. Far cry from a few years ago when a 1/2 of a cc of milk caused a reaction. When we started the appointment the nurse took his vitals. He was practically hypertensive! Poor kid was so nervous but as we continued with the process his blood pressure started dropping to the normal range. He was so excited and we were going to get ice cream. Real ice cream, not sorbet.

Raph also had an inadvertent egg challenge back in December. We went to a restaurant and had homemade s'mores. I brought chocolate and graham crackers for Heidi so she could enjoy the fun. Homemade marshmallows, it seems, are made out of egg whites and sugar. Sumbitch. Heidi needed an epi pen and Raph was just fine. I was nervous he would throw up all over the backseat of my mom's car on the ride home (his typical first response to egg) but his stomach ache was nerves and the fact that Heidi was screaming like a banshee next to him in the car seat. As soon as he was out of the car he was fine.

This means that he has officially outgrown 2 of his three food allergies. Peanut will probably be a life long allergy but we can manage that easily enough. He's got a whole world of new foods to try. He's excited but also hates trying new foods so this should be interesting. I assured him that milk products do not actually taste like milk. He seems skeptical but he can at least not worry so much about food. He has plans for a lemon meringue pie and cheese for his next new foods. First though, was ice cream.

We went to an ice cream shop and he looked at all the different flavors and he and Colin yelled, "I want the blue one!" Cotton candy ice cream it is. Well, turns out he doesn't like cotton candy ice cream. He learned a valuable lesson, try a sample first, then buy a whole bowl of it. Since it was his first ever ice cream I didn't want him to be stuck with a flavor he didn't like. Just this once he gets a do over and a new flavor. He went in with a 5 dollar bill and handled the whole transaction himself. (When did he get so big?!) He asked for a sample, tasted and ordered strawberry ice cream with sprinkle mix ins. MUCH better and he enjoyed his second first ice cream ever.

Little Heidi? Well, she got raspberry sorbet and was covered from head to toe in red sticky drips. It was a big day in our house. The only thing that can top that is a negative peanut challenge or that Heidi starts DROPPING allergies instead of adding allergies. Its bad enough when you can't eat anything normal but add a sunscreen allergy and its just soul crushing. But, until then we will bask in the glow of two less allergies in the house. That is indeed big doin's.


Anonymous said...

As a mom with a nut allergic child I have to do you handle Cold Stone Creamery with the peanut allergy and the super high risk of cross contamination? I"m just curious if your local shop is way better than ours!

Anonymous said... you have a recommendation for a good allergist in the STL area?

Marcella said...

I told them he and Heidi had allergies and they washed the spoons/marble before hand. I suppose there's a chance with the toppings but you can only bubble so much you know?

Our allergist is awesome. Dr. Robert Onder. He's got 2 offices in Creve Coeur and St Peter's. He's a family practice but great with kids. You can google him to get his number.

Tony said...

They always pick the crazy colored ice creams, don't they? My 5 year old learned his lesson after choosing "superman" color, which was just boring vanilla ice cream colored superhero blue, red, and yellow. He looked like a christmas ornament by the time he was done. Now he's much wiser and chooses something with giant hunks of candy in it. :)