Thursday, June 2, 2011

Open for business

I always seem to struggle to get things done. Doesn't matter what it is, I just struggle. I don't clean the showers regularly, my kitchen is usually a disaster, laundry stacks up, planning meals beats me down, etc. Now, its summer and I have all three kids home all day everyday.

So you know what that means right? Incessant fighting? Naturally. Boredom and whining? Of course. Starting a new home business? BRILLIANT! I don't know what I was thinking but I decided to start a business of making hair pretties (technical term: Fascinators). I have so much free time and organizational ability I might as well right? ::palm to forehead::

Last summer I started making feathered hair pieces for Heidi and I. Then I made them for my niece's Christmas presents. I've had numerous people ask me if I sell them. I would then say no and offer to make one for them for free. I decided to take the plunge and set up an Etsy account. I worked on a banner and business cards and of course the name of my shop. You Fascinate Me So was born and I've already sold a few!

My kids are learning something from this process. That is an added bonus to my new venture that I hadn't anticipated. Raph, the marketing genius that he is, keeps planning ways to get the word out. Friends with little sisters need one of my business cards to start. He's been talking about how one sale a day is good for now but once word gets out people will want more hair pretties and tell their friends. Word of mouth is genius. I think this kid is a born salesman because he's been thinking of ways to grow my business and I'm more worried about how I haven't grocery shopped in a week and I have no idea what's for dinner. Colin is learning about buying supplies then pricing items to make a profit (or in my case, cover the cost of my slight feather buying obsession). I have to print receipts and package my product to mail. I think its a little difficult to grasp for Colin sometimes. I put pictures on the internet with a price. Someone wants to buy it so I collect money from them (electronically) and then mail out the product. Weird to someone so small because I don't know these people at all.

We will see how this goes. I have a small problem with this type of business. I make a hair pretty and don't want to sell it. Heidi has a ton of them in her closet already but you know, they are like shoes, you can never have too many.

Speaking of Heidi, she's my model and spokesperson. She wears one almost daily and if people ask I can hand them one of the business cards I now keep in my diaper bag. I use her for my sales pictures as well. Who can resist a feather adorned gorgeous baby?!

So, if Raph hasn't already told you, tell your friends. I am open for business!


The Happy Mother said...

..Sigh...If only I had a little girl!...

Marcella said...

Are you kidding me? You have TWO! I have nieces from ages 14-5 that wear them. I'm pretty sure Caroline and Katie would love them :)

The Happy Mother said...

Oh, I thought they were for babies. I'll have to check it out!