Thursday, July 28, 2011

I only want it so you can't have it

See, the ALL have the same thing so no fighting.

I think my kids have had just a wee bit too much togetherness. I distinctly remember this point last summer and they all went ape shit on me. Well, the boys did, Heidi was still a delightful baby. This year Heidi is approaching that glorious 2 year old mark and all its tantrumy glory.

She's cute right? Will all my brand new blush scraped out of the compact and on her face.

What I have found, though, is that no one wants a damn thing unless someone else looked at it sideways. Everything must be fair, equal or just ALL MINE SUCKA!

It doesn't matter if its a cup, a snack, backpack or a freakin' spot of water on the back seat of my car (true story, the boys were fighting over water they spit onto the spot between them in the car. You know, you don't want someone else stealing YOUR spit-water to draw with!) they can fight over it. If we all survive the next 3 weeks it will be a miracle.

Yesterday Colin busted into the bathroom as I got out of the shower. His mouth was taped shut.

Let that sink in. Taped. shut.

It wasn't duct tape but scotch tape. CPS only investigates if its duct tape right? I swear I didn't do it but I would have liked to at times.

Yesterday I took Colin to the ENT while I had a sitter at home for the other 2. Colin cried because he didn't get to stay with the sitter. Yeah but you get to go to the hospital for a doctor's appointment! Yippee! It was nice, though, because I got to spend some alone time with Colin. We talked about policemen and cars and bees and how he wishes he had wings and could fly. He was sweet and gentle and know when there are no other kids around for him to feed off of or pick fights with. Today, in contrast, I had all three on a shopping trip. They just can't keep their hands off each other and fight over things they will never get in the first place. (Damn you grocery store designers who put toys and candy at eye level!) Then we came home and Heidi got whacked between the eyes with an spring loaded light saber that has been the once forgotten, now coveted item du jour. It currently resides in the trashcan.

Anyway, the-crap-toy-check-out-lane-fight reminded me of my friend Erin's post. Proof positive that kids can and will fight over anything...loudly and incessantly.

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Tony said...

Looks like we're in the same boat--great stuff! :) I'm about to start a post on all the items my boys have used to sword fight--including light sabers, lol. Thanks for commenting on my blog! -Tony