Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Big Girl Me

Seems she does like people singing "Happy Birthday" either.

My Little is 2! Can you believe it? It might be hard to believe because she is so, in fact, little. But if you were to witness her tantrums, back talk and independence there would be no question in your mind. For real. Today, she pushed against my legs and said, "NO! Out!" All this because I wouldn't let her run up a stair well in Colin's school and away from me.

So, my wee little baby is all grown up...at least she thinks she is anyway. She is fiercely independent and always trying to keep up with the big boys. She never quite catches up but it never stops her from trying. Today she did get one step closer to those big kids. She went to school! I had enrolled her in a 2-3 year old classroom but she had to actually be TWO prior to starting. Yesterday she turned 2, today she's in school.

Oh was she excited. She donned her backpack and marched her way into that classroom! As is typical for most early preschool classrooms there were a few crying kids, one completely losing her shit and others quietly looking at books. Heidi walked right in, hung her backpack in her cubby, put her name tag on the board and gave all the screaming kids the stink eye.

I can only imagine what was going through her little head as she glared at those snotty noise makers. I tried to take a picture of her sitting on the carpet with a book but she glared at one shrieking girl. Once she was slightly calmed another screamer came in. If she knew how to roll her eyes I think she would have done it. I left her glaring at screaming kids and went home, alone.

When I went to pick her up there is a huge picture window that overlooks the playground. I and several other moms watched our little ones run and play. Then a kid spotted a mommy and it all fell apart. I herd of sweaty faces were smashed against the window. We all made a quick exit and waited outside the classroom...which naturally has windows that the kids can see out of into the hall. When they came in the room the screamers started screaming, non-screamers got scared by the screamers and started screaming and Heidi glared at every last one of them.

When I went in to pick her up she was all red faced and smiles, "I go slide! I wike it! A BABY!" Then she was off to look at someone's little brother and she was done with me.

She's so big all of the sudden and not a trace of baby is left (unless you count her fat rolls on the insides of her thighs). Yesterday I told her Happy Birthday and she told me with a smile, "A big girl me." Yes, you certainly are a big girl.

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