Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Candy. Its what's for dinner.

The Warner Brothers and their Sister too!

I love Halloween. I wish I could wear a costume every day. How fun is that to separate from reality and wear something funny? Sadly we did not have a party to go to this year and stupidly I didn't think to have one.

Nonetheless my kids had 6 parties between the 3 of them. Colin had 2 at school, 1 at Sunday School and Heidi and Raph had their classroom parties plus the big mother of them all on Halloween night. I've noted before that our neighborhood sucks so we go elsewhere. You know...where there are street lights, flat streets and high density housing. More bang for your buck, yo?

Raph has gotten older and things like costumes have taken on whole new meaning. What if other kids laugh at you? Saturday night he was all tearing saying he didn't want to be Yakko at school. In his defense, most kids his age have never heard of the Animaniacs and his costume makes WAY more sense with his Warner siblings in tow. So, we ran out to the costume store and bought some clip on devil horns. He wore last year's vampire cape backwards so the red was showing. Phew, mortal humiliation was narrowly averted!

Their costumes couldn't be more perfect for them. They really are Yakko, Wakko and Dot.

After forcing a little bit of real food into my bouncing, excited kids we were off to fill our pumpkins. It was interesting to see who knew who they were and who did not. I will say this, those who "got it" were so excited and exuberant. Those who didn't thought they were cute nonetheless. I mean, look at Dot? How could you not thing she was adorable even if you have no freakin' clue who she is?

St Louis is unique in that you are often asked to tell a joke before you can get your candy. I'm not really sure where this tradition came from but the kids can usually barely get the joke out because they are laughing so hard at their own made up, incomprehensible jokes. Usually Halloween themed puns are used but in our case Raph had a great one. When someone asked, "What's your joke?" He was just say, "The Cubs." Fabulous, no? (Go Cards!) And another funny thing about Trick-or-Treating in the Lou...beer. We went to one house that had a bowl of candy for the kids and a cooler of beer for the adults that had a sign that said, "Treats for Dads." Only in Beer Town, USA. Same for preschool soccer games with pitchers of beer and Margarita machines. ::shrug::

Nom, nom, nom

And as always we sorted candy and filled the Pumpkin-O-Death and let the kids eat a lot but no so much that they barf in my car on the way home. We drove past the Halloween House and yelled, "Jerks!" out the window (They are jerks and start putting up Halloween/Christmas decorations in mid-August...I shit you not) and left a pumpkin filled with candy for the Great Pumpkin. This morning they found their pumpkin filled with Animaniacs Happy Meal Toys from circa 1995 and a Super Mario Bros Show DVD. Kickin' it old school!

And, as expected Heidi woke up early, Colin cried for a full 20 minutes about nothing and Raph growled at me because he couldn't find his jacket when he was ready to catch the bus. The candy hangover is a bitch sometimes.

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