Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Perpetual Motion

Cliches are made for a reason...that shit happens. For realz. Time moves quickly and you never sit still. In the back of my mind I figured that the hard part is out of the way once you get through the baby phase. Clearly I was way wrong. Things just speed up and you adapt and shift your perspective...and standards. Grade school years seemed like cake when I was up at 2 am feeding a baby. Its hard to quantify things because they are all hard, just very very different.

I looked at Raph the other day and dear Lord that child is big. He actually said, "That's what she said." today. Don't even get me started on those types of friends that corrupt your beautiful angelic children. Obviously he's never watched The Office, nor does he have any idea what he's saying but he knows its funny and somehow dirty.

Aside from his dirty jokes he's a budding athlete. He's not the most coordinated kid but he's enthusiastic about sports and hasn't disliked one since soccer. He even competed in a triathlon in September. The running part is what killed him in the end so he joined the running club at school. This is on top of Flag Football (he's a Dolphin) and basketball starts this weekend. The overlapping of sports kills me every time.

I got the inspiration for the triathlon from my friend Erin. Colin was supposed to race too but the whole biking on two wheels didn't happen in time for the race. Her boys kicked some ass though!

Then there's Colin who wrote out math sentences and sight words on a piece of scrap paper covered in his drawings. He's a fan of showing off his new found skills. He's come a long way since last spring. Its amazing what a few months of Vision Therapy will do for a child with a learning disability. He's comfortable enough at school now to get in trouble and then dispose of the evidence. He got busted coloring on his desk and his teacher said that she wrote a note to me on one of his papers. She mentioned it to me in the hall today and then when I checked his folder it was inexplicably gone! Imagine that!? Mike's been saying for years that we need a bail fund for that boy not a college fund.

Heidi is her sassy self and wise beyond her years. Her current favorite movie is The Sandlot. She also loves the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies and other movies that are aimed at the grade school boy. She's a hand talker who holds a grudge. I wonder where she gets that from?! Mike said she graduated from the Marcella School of Hand Talking. She's a straight A student as far as I can tell. She is explosive like Colin and gets her heart broken regularly. She so very much wants to be BIG and tells you all about it. She told me the other day that she wants to play soccer but needs a unicorn first. A little unicorn...wait, a big one, because she's big not little. I need to get her into dance classes because when she hears music she can't keep herself from rump shakin' across the room.

Did I mention that she's fearless? I feel like a lot of time I see her from behind, running away. She is by far the fastest growing of them all. Not literally of course because she's tiny but metaphorically speaking.
In the sage words of Ferris Bueller, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." I feel like some days all I'm doing is running around and moving and doing that I don't stop and see what's happening. Like, just how big and sweet my kids are. Naturally they are heathens and a huge pain in my ass a lot of the time but sometimes your heart hurts a little when you look at them. How many more years will Raph want to snuggle up with me on the couch? I don't expect Colin will always laugh so hard he gets hiccups like he did when he was a baby. Or Heidi? When she looks at you, puts her arms around you and says, "I love you too Mommy." for no good reason. My Little isn't so little anymore (statistically yes, she is still very little but I digress). I woke her up from one of her couch naps and she curled up on my chest like an amazon baby snuggled on its mother and I patted her butt. Its been a long time since one of my kids was a baby sleeping on me. I haven't changed a diaper in 6 months or more and even then it was a friend's baby. They just get so big, so fast. They are flying through grades and shoe sizes and playing sports with enthusiasm and just being kids. Its amazing to witness the growth of a child on so many different levels at once.

This is right before his big race. He had no idea what was coming but he ran through the cold air, his body steaming from the indoor pool and did his best. He never stopped, even when he completely wiped out 100 yards into the run.

 As a reluctant and restless Stay At Home Mom I do enjoy it and can't fathom how the hell it would all get done if I worked 9 to 5 again. I'm far too busy at this particular moment to have a job. Well, I do have a job...I own a company right? But a real job that isn't run out of my dining room. Yesterday I was in the car most of the day taking kids to and from sports practices, shopping, laundry and over seeing homework and that leaves very little time for sitting down and doing nothing. Part of me wants the kids to be in no after school activities but a bigger part of me wants them to be in MORE activities. I look around and see stagnant, obese children and I do not want to saddle my children with a life long struggle. I love that they all enjoy sports and can't wait for practice and games and want to do sports in all seasons. This is very good.
If you have never been to the City Museum you must go. Make sure your tetanus shot is up to date first but go and be amazed.

The problem is when there are three kids in the house and they all have to be in different places at the same time. Plus, sports are just fun. We don't live the world of The Sandlot where there were pick up games in the neighborhood. You have to have them in an organized sport if you want them to play baseball. So, I sign them up with enough sports without over scheduling them. There's a fine line between the two extremes. I don't want to make them so frenetic that they can't sit still in a house sometimes but also I want to be able to go do something that's not on my every growing schedule. I have had to abandon the mental calendar years ago and the paper copy in the kitchen won't cut it anymore. I must have a digital copy that I can see from my phone so I don't have to be across town at the same time as a practice. All the while, I have to find a way to not over extend myself and lose myself in the process. I am a "Homemaker" according to a recent medical form I had to fill out. It leaves such a bad taste in my mouth. I am so much more than that, yet that's what I really am. Its funny though, because I'm rarely at home.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

More is more

Heidi believes that more is more. Wearing/doing/being less would just be lazy. Whilst searching for cake ideas for her birthday she couldn't narrow it down to just one theme. She liked Hello Kitty and Butterflies...and it must all be pink. So very very pink. I hate pink.

So here we have it. Hello Kitty-Butterfly cake in pink!

Gluten free and Vegan birthday cake. Top layer was pumpkin with maple cream cheese frosting. The bottom layer was chocolate peppermint (aka Candy Cane Joe-Joe cake). The Hello Kitties were made from a bag of Jolly Ranchers and the butterflies were Fondant. They did not like to stay put so there's some extra random frosting in spots. Stupid butterflies.

Ombre butterflies.

She believes more is more with accessories too. She is wearing a new party dress, fascinator and pink boots with spurs. Who doesn't? She told me at one point, "I'm not a lady Mommy." Clearly not based on this lady like pose. She's a work in progress but she does know that nice girls wear underwear AND nice girls don't let their underwear show. We just need to work on the sitting like a lady. Today during Mass I told her not to let anyone see her underwear and she rolled around in the pew. She proceeded to lift her dress to her neck and show me that no one could see her underwear b/c she was wearing bloomers. Sigh..

I don't think my kids have ever been so happy. They ate cake, fondant butterflies AND giant suckers made out of a mountain of Jolly Ranchers...both chewy and regular. I'm surprised no one threw up. For realz.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Days

Our summer has been like Advent. It was a time of waiting. We went to the beach and the pool and the park and played with friends and ate ice cream BUT we have been patiently impatiently waiting for school to begin. This year Colin would start Kindergarten. I would have two kids in one school. Miracle of Miracles! I haven't had that since I was working and the boys went to daycare.

All summer has been built on a foundation of anticipation. Colin damn near lost his mind before school started. Heidi and I were the casualties of this build up. Heidi was an easy target...he would walk by and push her over. I spent my days acting like a hostage negotiator. Always on edge and hoping he would take someone out if I didn't meet his latest demand. Or at least just mitigate the damages. It was a long summer. Sometimes the days would end (or I wished they were ending at that point but alas they would still all be awake for another 6 hours) with me in a crying heap.

The last week before school started was especially bad. If you watched Lost you know about the hatch. Mike said it was like we had to enter the code every 98 minutes or else Colin would explode. Every so often he would release a little pressure and just do this crazy jump-scream-kick. He would calm down for a bit then it would build up again. ENTER THE CODE!!!!! The weather cooled off so the pool wasn't the usual outlet but I would take them to the park or work on their conditioning (the boys are doing a triathlon in September) or something, anything to get that build up to escape safely. We've joked that Colin is like a small breed dog...if he doesn't get enough energy out during the day he will chew through the drywall. This has never been more true than now.

You know its bad when on the last day of summer I took them to get milkshakes at an old school pharmacy. They get to spin on chrome stools and wait at the bar for their milkshakes. In the car on the way home Heidi spilled her left over milkshake on the floor and Colin said that he didn't want to go there anyway. That afternoon he had an eye exam for his Vision Therapy and he flat out refused to cooperate. He said it wasn't fair that Raph and Heidi didn't have to do it and he wanted his exam in a different room. Huh? The day before he didn't want to go to his Kindergarten orientation in the morning because it would ruin lunch. Riiiight.

All I could think of was when Raph started Kindergarten. He literally didn't skip a beat. He was obviously excited but not in a crazed kind of way. He skipped into school and didn't look back. Or so I was told. I was still in the hospital with Heidi and she was in the NICU. Possibly starting school was the only "normal" aspect of his life then so it was a coping mechanism, but I digress. Colin's bundle of nervous energy was exhausting and I could not wait for him to go to school too!

The first day of school was perfect. No complaints (except for Colin refused to take a picture with his teacher. Fair enough.) and both boys were excitedly talking over each other on the way home from school. They both loved their class and Colin had one friend from preschool in his class and saw another on the playground. I had to play debate moderator while they talked so I could actually hear what each one was saying. I thought I could sit back and relax and a more even keeled Colin would emerge. Not so fast....

Heidi was flat out PISSED that day because she did not get to start school. Her first day was the next day so we spent our day getting my car carpet shampooed (see spilled milkshake above) and picking out snacks for her to have at school. The next day was all about Heidi's first day and she marched into school and hugged her teacher and played with her friends. Easy. I went to Home Depot by myself and took a deep breath.

 Friday afternoon and the rest of the weekend were not so easy. Seems Colin's hatch valve did not let off enough energy at school and he wanted the ENTIRE school experience right-damn-now. He wanted to buy lunch, go to all his block classes, ride the bus home, spend the night at a friends house and go to Raph's classroom. NOW. Oh and the Kindergarten playground does not have monkey bars. The horrors! Our weekend was consumed with chaos and an actual rock hit my kitchen window. I am happy to say nothing was broken and no children were dropped at the closest safe spot. It was rough though. We are hoping that this full week of school with bring enough firsts for him that he will be able to relax a little and give us all a break.

In the mean time I have Heidi's birthday preparations to contend with. I struggle with her at school for snacks on special occasions. Naturally her first day of school was a kid's birthday and they had cupcakes. Way to ease into the school year! Since her birthday is this week she will bring snack one day. Everything must be store bought but there are exceptions for her. I can make something (as long as I do not use peanuts or tree nuts) that she alone will eat. Works well for parties and birthdays. Instead of making something different and bringing a *regular* birthday treat that she can't eat I found a compromise. I saw these juice box robots online and thought they were perfect...except for the fact that they were robots. Instead my version were Perry the Platypus minions. I love Phineas and Ferb. That show is probably my favorite kids show and I will watch it sometimes even if the kids aren't here. Anyway, I think the little minions in Heidi's class will love these and they have a healthy-ish snack instead of cupcakes. There's certainly lots of sugar in this but this sugar comes with vitamins at least. The teachers might want to kill me when they see just how much unwrapping they have to do for snack so I think I will volunteer my time to put straws in juice boxes and take lids off the applesauce cups.

After this week and Heidi's birthday is over I suspect life will settle down and resume regularly scheduled programming. Fall sports will start soon and homework sheets will get done and mayhem will kick in but it will be active mayhem not hatch energy release mayhem. At least that's what I'm banking on. If not I may just implode or sell some kids on Craigslist.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Colin and Heidi Show

While I was visiting my family in Texas a new term was created. It began like this:
Boots and shorts? Um, yeah! Beer to Go? Yes please!

One night when the kids were "going to bed" on the second floor and all in the same room the typical evening of fighting, screaming and tattling ensued. My dad laughed at them and oh so harshly scolded them when one of them would come down stairs and tattle on the others. If I was in the room I would not be so nice and try not to let my head explode. I was really wishing I had brought my copy of  Go the fuck to sleep! with us. If Heidi came down stairs I would follow her back up and hear a pitter patter of running boys and a bang. When I got into the room they were both magically asleep. Curious. Anyway, the next morning I woke up to a loud bang and then Heidi screeching. I could hear this on a different floor from the other end of the house and behind a closed door. I stumbled out in to the living room  to find my dad calming watching the news.

"What was that!?"

"Just the Colin and Heidi Show. They are picking up where they left off last night."

So, whenever the screeching and fighting starts its just the Colin and Heidi Show, episode #8126.

They just won't stop. Ever.

There were almost no fights at the beach. Can't imagine why.

Heidi is old enough now to get into the mix and hold her own. Colin likes to push her buttons and just be a complete ASS to her. For no other reason that to just mess with her and make her cry. Yesterday I heard him calling from his room, "Heidi! Oh HIIIIII-DDEEEEE. Do you want some candy? Come to my room and I'll give you some candy!" Heidi squeals and hops down from her seat and runs in that direction. Just before she gets to his door, ::BAM::, he slams the door in her face.

I'm not really sure what to do about them. He is just mean to her for the sake of being. She either just wants to hang with the big boys or taunt them about something. Its a two way street and not only Colin being mean. They just can't stay away from each other. Raph is no innocent either. He and Colin have their own screaming fights and he gets mad at Heidi for getting on his bed. Heidi ignores his requests and climbs up there until his head nearly explodes.

They were screaming, "COWWWWW!" That was the picture battle cry for the trip. ::shrug::

I know this is part and parcel with having multiple children but its just so damn annoying! They will play all together beautifully, or in a pair and a singleton. Then there is some barometric pressure shift and they all act like Honey Badgers. Summer started out pretty rough. Too much togetherness brings out the worst in kids at the beginning. Then they start to get along and sort out their hysteria. Then we went on vacation for 3 weeks where there were constant distractions and cousins to play with. Just ONE other kid in the mix makes them all behave perfectly. Its amazing. If there are 4 cousins and a boyfriend and a boyfriend's brother? Then you don't even need to see or hear them for hours.

The kids' first rodeo. Yes Heidi is wearing a number and she did enter but that's a whole other post.

We are home now and the distractions are gone, the cousins are gone, the cousin's boyfriends are gone (seriously they all loooooved the boyfriend) and they are stuck with each other. Its a let down. There is no pool in the backyard, no beaches to play on, no new museums to explore and all the fun stuff that comes along with vacations. At home we have our regular ol' house and they cannot separate from each other. They have some sort of magnetic pull that brings them together. Sometimes its nice because they all run off and play but other times there is just too much friction and the sparks start to fly and there is an occasional explosion.
No children were harmed in the taking of this picture.

I noticed the back to school sales have begun...the light is at the end of the tunnel. A month from now they will all be in school. Until then, I will try to create a suitable buffer and wear their asses out at the pool every day.
I had these towels monogrammed with the very intention of taking beautiful beach pictures...the damn seaweed killed that idea so all we have is this lame backyard picture. Sigh.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Its been so long Blogger has changed everything

Sheesh. I just decided to do a quicky post since I haven't posted in so long. I went to do it and everything is weird. This part of my life has been sorely neglected. But really that's probably all right because I'm pretty sure about 3 people read this anyway. HA!

Since the last time Colin had a birthday.

We had Easter.

Raph had his First Communion.

We drank an assload of wine in Napa.

I traumatized my kids with deadly butterflies.

And I look a whole lotta pictures and played with Lightroom. That's about it.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Because that's how I roll

In my last post that was about a month ago I was lamenting my overwhelming life. I finished that wedding job and approximately 18 hours later I started a new, bigger undertaking. On a whim, of course, because there is no other way to do it.

I decided to redo my kitchen. By myself. You know, in my free time. Mike stopped home for lunch that day and I spewed my plan on him. He had no response other than to agree to buy a heat gun at Home Depot on his way home from work. He's a good man. No talking me out of such things just nod and offer minor assistance on the way out the door.

So, that day I got my plan, did my research and dove in head first. That evening my brother-in-law stopped by and walked in to Mike standing on the counter tops ripping a giant sheet of laminate off our cabinets and me on tippy toes shooting a heat gun at said laminate. What? Doesn't everyone do that on a Friday night?

Our kitchen, if glancing at it, wasn't so bad but if you paused you would start to notice just how stupid it was. The house was built in the 70's and had that horrible dark brown laminate/particle board cabinets. Good bones but ugly. The previous owners in their infinite wisdom decided to cover that laminate with even worse cheap natural blond *wood* laminate. That extra ugly laminate was cheaply done and peeling off in spots revealing the dark older ugly laminate. My first step was the peel off the top coat of laminate with my handy heat gun. Then de-glue the cabinets and prep them for paint. I found a paint product that is made for going over laminate. PERFECT. I gave myself 2 weeks to complete this project.

We had candy sushi for Raph's actual birthday. The kids loved them. Raph ate a stupid amount of Chinese food and about 3 or 4 of the sushi and then threw up. He's a birthday puker. Its not the first time and I'm fairly certain it won't be his last.

Don't laugh, it was doable. That is, of course if I didn't have to make Raph's birthday cake or make a trip to an orthopedist and get fitted for a boot because I have a stress fracture in my foot or spend countless hours in the hall playing solitaire on my phone in a vain attempt at keeping Heidi in bed during nap time. As it stands, though, after 2 short weeks I had all the bases and drawers painted and 90% of the lower cabinet doors painted and new hardware put on. You laugh but I have mad painting skillz.

I've been greatly slowed down by my new boot but I keep trucking along. I have more cabinet doors painted. The rest are prepped and just awaiting their paint. Drying time is a bitch. I hate having to wait on those suckers to dry but its a requirement you cannot skip.

And while I did this I also made Raph's ninja cake. I think it came out quite nicely. I am a little sad that I made EIGHT stupid Lego Ninjas to decorate the cake but they didn't seem necessary so Heidi ate them and had technicolor poop for 3 days. Such is life, no?

In the process of learning to walk in my new stupid boot I have royally screwed up my other joints. I went for a massage (don't be jealous there is no aroma therapy and she hurts me BAD) and my massage therapist was alarmed at just how screwed up my body was after wearing the boot for only a few days. I kind of question the boot because I was in mild pain for a whole month before I got it. Within 3 days of having the boot my foot felt just fine...but that may be just because it was overshadowed by the incredible amount of pain I felt in my hips, knees and neck. Stupid boot. Anyway, I got abused by my massage therapist and was walking much better. That is until I slipped walking down the basement stairs, went down a couple steps and wrenched my arm trying to steady myself on the handrail. That in turn pulled out my top rib and caused my neck pain to kick back in with a renewed vengeance and made that lovely numb spot in my shoulder. Sigh. I went back to her today so she could put that rib back in place and it made an actual "clunk" when it when back in. Bajeezus.

Because I am restless I fill any dullness with manic projects. I am nearing the end of my cabinet refinishing, I have a craft show next week and then Colin's birthday party which involves making a 3D pirate ship! Yeah! Then if there is a lull I will start the counter top project which also involves paint and will be done in record time because that's how I roll. I have to find something to burn off energy since I can't go to the gym for the next month nor can I go jogging for at least 6 weeks after I get the boot off. Can you see a twitch starting to develop under my eye?? If not check back in a week because I'm sure to have one then.
When life hands you lemons bedazzle them and start a lemon trend.

Friday, February 24, 2012


I've been bested. I've been bested in more ways than one. I throw in the towel. I'm beat, just do whatever you want. Its going to be all Lord of the Flies up in hur!

You ever have those moments when you just don't have any more fight left in you? I'm there. Teetering on the brink of insanity. Most recently, as in this very moment, Heidi is the cause. After nearly 2 months of her sleeping in a big bed she STILL will not regularly go to bed and stay there until a reasonable hour. To quote Scarface, "Just when you think you are out. They pulll you back in." She's been going to bed and taking naps pretty well. We finally seemed to end the 5:00-5:30 wakings where she tries to get into bed with us and kick us for an hour. Then out of no where, last night she was back at her escaping from bed and running into the boys' room. For over an hour. Then this morning she woke up at 5:30am. I got her back in bed and she cried for Daddy (she always cries for Daddy) and got in and out of bed for the next hour to an hour and a half. I just gave up and she ate breakfast. She is killing my soul. Crushing my spirit and really it should be the other way around.

To make matters worse the revolving door of illness that is February has not stopped. Either Heidi or I, or both, have been sick for the last month. Never the same illness but always something. Just when things settle, again someone gets sick. This week Heidi had one of those rogue fevers. No real symptoms but a fever and a crabby kid for a few days. Well, she's better and now I have it. This morning when I was fighting her to stay in bed I was standing in the hall sweating with an aching neck because my glands are swollen. Don't think Mike is an ass and was sleeping, he gets up at 5 to workout so he's in the basement the whole time.

Back to illness, its never the same thing. Ever changing and nuanced. Heidi had the flu even after the flu shot, then an ear infection. Her ear infection didn't kick in until Saturday night so instead of a visit to the peds office it was a trip to Urgent Care. Naturally. That whole week I was vaguely sick with a low grade fever. Once Heidi's ear infection was resolving and the antibiotics were doing their job I got strep throat. I had slow acting antibiotics and was still sick for a week. Then things were fairly normal for a bit but Heidi and Colin got a cough. Everyone was crabby but not sick sick. Then I finished my antibiotics and 2 days later got a new script because I now had a sinus infection. Then Colin gave Heidi chocolate so she was in gastric distress for a week. Then there was something else that I forget and then this fever and I just want it to stop. Heidi has missed 2 and a half weeks of school in the last month. AWESOME. I only get about 4 hours a week without kids and even that little bit of time was stolen from me by February.

But wait! There's MORE! I got a job doing a wedding. I was commissioned to do the bridal bouquets and the boutonnieres and corsages and fascinators. Yippee! It is very exciting and my first time doing it. Only problem? The wedding was in about 5 weeks. That meant I had to figure out how to do it, make approximately 73,095 little circles, singe the edges and fashion them into bouquets tout suite! No small feat when you are a. sick, b. taking care of sick kids, c. a stay-at-home mom, d. planning various other things (more on this in a minute) e. plus you just have to keep the wheels turning on life. After spending an absurd amount of time making this order I am finished. And spent. I took a million pictures yesterday so I put a listing up for future orders. I went into Lightroom to edit the pictures into perfection and the damn thing kept freezing on me. That was it. I nearly started crying. I can't even edit a damn picture! Then last night I couldn't fall asleep because I was trying to figure out how in the world to ship it all without destroying it.

Planning has taken over as well. March, as you know, is birthday month. This year both boys are having a birthday party. We wait until our kids turn 5 to have a party with friends. Seems silly when they are younger because do they *really* have friends at that point? Will they remember? No, not so much. That means I have to plan two birthday parties around Spring Break and I have a 2 day craft show in March as well. Oh and Raph is having his First Communion in April so I need to plan that as well. Plus all the other prep things that happen before then. I've been making reservations, invitations, addressing and mailing said invitations, planning meals for parties and working out the details of the cakes with the boys. (BTW, Heidi is crying at the moment. I can expect lots of that today) Then immediately following the Communion Mike and I are going on a trip. That is soooo far off my radar I haven't even thought about it at all. Oh #@$^! I just remembered. Goodie bags. Do I really have to make those? Everything goes in the trash anyway. I think I'm going to take a bold stand AGAINST goodie bags because they are stupid. Oh Q#@$% I just remembered, treats for the boys' birthdays at school. And one kid in Raph's class is allergic to the world, dyes and glue included. AND keeps keep having birthdays in Heidi's class. This means I have to make a batch of cupcakes or something every time. Or I could just be mean and have her eat animal crackers while everyone else gets a cupcake. That's mean, I just can't let that happen. At least her fever got me out of making some this week. Silver lining.

I am also planning our summer. We are renting a beach house with friends so there is the house search, coordinating schedules and finding one that is in a good location, not scary and a good price. Once that is settled I can start to figure out camps. The boys WILL go to camp this summer. I feel like my world is in the state of constant chaos. And if you remember I started a new work out routine (Brazil Butt Lift, don't laugh it rocks) but with the revolving door of illness it has been derailed. Then there are days when I actually have no kids, feel well and I just have to go grocery shopping and make some more freakin' circles. I think by Monday I should feel better and I can back track a week or so and start anew.

I'm just worn out. I don't have anything left. Today I would love nothing more than to sit on the couch and just watch some bad TV but that can't happen. Instead I'm sure I will have something to do and Heidi will be crying for the better part of the day because she has had no sleep.


At this point the everyday things just seem so hard to manage. Just meal planning alone is a bitch. I am so over planning meals around Heidi's restrictions. And I'm deflated because of her resent chocolate induced distress I can see that she's no where closer to outgrowing her allergies. The thought of eating out on our vacation is enough to make me break out into hives. And other little things weigh me down. Taxes. I had to gather all the stuff and send it off to the accountant. Since I now have a business that was an extra load of work. Plus then the accountant called and I had to provide other information that is impossible. Like the dollar value of the supplies I have on hand. WTF? I have no idea how to do that so I made up a number. I have a stack of things to attempt to sell, then donate. Waiting, cluttering up my basement, looking at me, judging me for inactivity. We've had tissue paper rectangles taped to the wall of our living room for about 3 weeks now. We have frames, the layout and yet we have not put nails in the wall to hang them up. Nor have I had any pictures printed for said frames. That just seems soooo far out of reach that fluttering tissue stays on the walls. I kind of like it. It reminds of a gentle spring breezes when the heat kicks on.

One highlight. I won a raffle. Not for any ol' craptastic prize either. It is a barrel of booze. I even got to keep the wheelbarrow! Best $20 I ever spent.