Thursday, March 15, 2012

Because that's how I roll

In my last post that was about a month ago I was lamenting my overwhelming life. I finished that wedding job and approximately 18 hours later I started a new, bigger undertaking. On a whim, of course, because there is no other way to do it.

I decided to redo my kitchen. By myself. You know, in my free time. Mike stopped home for lunch that day and I spewed my plan on him. He had no response other than to agree to buy a heat gun at Home Depot on his way home from work. He's a good man. No talking me out of such things just nod and offer minor assistance on the way out the door.

So, that day I got my plan, did my research and dove in head first. That evening my brother-in-law stopped by and walked in to Mike standing on the counter tops ripping a giant sheet of laminate off our cabinets and me on tippy toes shooting a heat gun at said laminate. What? Doesn't everyone do that on a Friday night?

Our kitchen, if glancing at it, wasn't so bad but if you paused you would start to notice just how stupid it was. The house was built in the 70's and had that horrible dark brown laminate/particle board cabinets. Good bones but ugly. The previous owners in their infinite wisdom decided to cover that laminate with even worse cheap natural blond *wood* laminate. That extra ugly laminate was cheaply done and peeling off in spots revealing the dark older ugly laminate. My first step was the peel off the top coat of laminate with my handy heat gun. Then de-glue the cabinets and prep them for paint. I found a paint product that is made for going over laminate. PERFECT. I gave myself 2 weeks to complete this project.

We had candy sushi for Raph's actual birthday. The kids loved them. Raph ate a stupid amount of Chinese food and about 3 or 4 of the sushi and then threw up. He's a birthday puker. Its not the first time and I'm fairly certain it won't be his last.

Don't laugh, it was doable. That is, of course if I didn't have to make Raph's birthday cake or make a trip to an orthopedist and get fitted for a boot because I have a stress fracture in my foot or spend countless hours in the hall playing solitaire on my phone in a vain attempt at keeping Heidi in bed during nap time. As it stands, though, after 2 short weeks I had all the bases and drawers painted and 90% of the lower cabinet doors painted and new hardware put on. You laugh but I have mad painting skillz.

I've been greatly slowed down by my new boot but I keep trucking along. I have more cabinet doors painted. The rest are prepped and just awaiting their paint. Drying time is a bitch. I hate having to wait on those suckers to dry but its a requirement you cannot skip.

And while I did this I also made Raph's ninja cake. I think it came out quite nicely. I am a little sad that I made EIGHT stupid Lego Ninjas to decorate the cake but they didn't seem necessary so Heidi ate them and had technicolor poop for 3 days. Such is life, no?

In the process of learning to walk in my new stupid boot I have royally screwed up my other joints. I went for a massage (don't be jealous there is no aroma therapy and she hurts me BAD) and my massage therapist was alarmed at just how screwed up my body was after wearing the boot for only a few days. I kind of question the boot because I was in mild pain for a whole month before I got it. Within 3 days of having the boot my foot felt just fine...but that may be just because it was overshadowed by the incredible amount of pain I felt in my hips, knees and neck. Stupid boot. Anyway, I got abused by my massage therapist and was walking much better. That is until I slipped walking down the basement stairs, went down a couple steps and wrenched my arm trying to steady myself on the handrail. That in turn pulled out my top rib and caused my neck pain to kick back in with a renewed vengeance and made that lovely numb spot in my shoulder. Sigh. I went back to her today so she could put that rib back in place and it made an actual "clunk" when it when back in. Bajeezus.

Because I am restless I fill any dullness with manic projects. I am nearing the end of my cabinet refinishing, I have a craft show next week and then Colin's birthday party which involves making a 3D pirate ship! Yeah! Then if there is a lull I will start the counter top project which also involves paint and will be done in record time because that's how I roll. I have to find something to burn off energy since I can't go to the gym for the next month nor can I go jogging for at least 6 weeks after I get the boot off. Can you see a twitch starting to develop under my eye?? If not check back in a week because I'm sure to have one then.
When life hands you lemons bedazzle them and start a lemon trend.