Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Its been so long Blogger has changed everything

Sheesh. I just decided to do a quicky post since I haven't posted in so long. I went to do it and everything is weird. This part of my life has been sorely neglected. But really that's probably all right because I'm pretty sure about 3 people read this anyway. HA!

Since the last time Colin had a birthday.

We had Easter.

Raph had his First Communion.

We drank an assload of wine in Napa.

I traumatized my kids with deadly butterflies.

And I look a whole lotta pictures and played with Lightroom. That's about it.


Housewifespice said...

What is lightroom? I am a total photography neophyte who has never grown into her canon rebel. Is there a canon rebel for dummies?

Marcella said...

Its photo editing software:|22181|adobe%20lightroom||S|e|12466433182

As for the camera. I'm sure there is a "Dummies" manual for the Rebel but they are always hard to read. I need someone to SHOW me how to use a camera b/c I need to see, not read instructions. Creve coeur camera has all kinds of classes. I'd look to see if a local camera shop near you has them and take a class.